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Any discussion of the history of NBA starts with Boston Celtics. Under the red direction of Auerbach, Celtics produced three dynasties gaining 16 titles of the world since 1957 to 1986. The fast cut, pressure of full-court, and generosity on the court became synonymous with the basketball with Celtics. They were a founder member of the NBA when the league started in 1946. The team fought during the first four years, but in 1950 two new come arrived which would change for always the fortune of Celtics and the play itself.

The brown one of Walter of owner brought in old capitals of Washington give lessons particular to red Auerbach to take the order; and like result of a contraction of league and an outline, a guard of six feet of holy cross, Bob Cousy returned to the garden of Boston. Celtics continued to improve with the addition of the players of quality the tastes of the invoice Sharman, frank Ramsey, and Tommy Heinsohn, but the addition of the Russell invoice in 1956 was the final piece of the puzzle. Russell revolutionized the role of the great man in the basketball. His drew blocking, rebounding, and the going beyond transformed a good team forces imp arable of it.

With Cousy starting the fast cut, and the other players carrying out their roles, the first dynasty was in hand. Thirteen years and 11 championships later, Russell was withdrawn. After a couple to the bottom of the years, Auerbach wrote central Dave Cowens beginner. Small for a center, Cowens compensated for its size with its wild intensity and hardness. With the superstar John Havlicek a maintenance of the era of Russell, Cowens, and a collection of principal players of role, Celtics added two additional banners of championship to the roofs of garden in the years 1970. Auerbach still struck in 1979. With an astute operation, it wrote the bird junior of Larry of the University of the State of Indiana.

The bird had carried out its team of university to the finales of NCAA losing in the play of title of the traditional 1979 to the magic team of state of Michigan of Johnson. The bird was the Beginner of NBA of the year in 1980 with Celtics improving from 29 to 61 victories. Lakers of Johnson gained the title that the year but the next bird of year Celtics to the championship the number 14 carried out, and competition of the bird against the magic, and Celtics against Lakers still started in serious.

After the retirement of the birds Celtics fell from the difficult periods. Of par with death all-to hold the first role Reggie Lewis in 1993, the retirement of Kevin McHale, and the departure of the parish of Robert, the remaining ties of the years of glory were gone. During years to come the victories became less succeed with a worse disc of concession of 15-67 of 1996-1997.

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