The reds again went to lose and almost went bankrupt into 1934 before being sold in Powel Crosley, which brought the baseball of night to the great leagues, which was a success with ventilators in the city of the Queen. Another luminous spot occurred in 1938 when Johnny Vander Meer threw back with back no bruiser, the only man to carry out the exploit in the history of baseball. Another initially produced for the reds in 1939 when they took part in the first play of TV never. 1939 began one era of the profit while the reds gained the flag of NL before losing with the series of the world to the Yankees.

In 1940 the supplemented reds Detroit for the title of the world. The losing years were to follow soon and in 1954 the reds became the “Redlegs” thus not to associate to the Communists, known under the name of “reds.” Named the “reds” turned over in 1960 and one aspect of series of the world followed in 1961 while the reds were overcome by the Yankees. 1970 began another new era for the reds while they entered the stage of Riverfront with a young person and the team charged comprising such holds the first role while Peter Pink and Johnny Mettent except play.

The reds lost the series of the world in Baltimore but were charged and would be back. A loss 1972 of series of the world towards Oakland was followed of a loss upset in the NLCS to the Mets in 1973. But in 1975 the “large red machine” could not be stopped and after 108-gain the regular season, the reds would demolish red Sox in traditional of the autumn 7-game which never remains among the best. Cincy repeated with a field of series of the world of the Yankees in ‘ 76. The reds are remained competing throughout the Seventies before striking the rock bottom in 1982 with 101 losses while the large red machine missed gas.

The director Peter Pink of player broke the absolute mark of blows of career of Ty Cobb in 1985 while the reds still emerged like candidates, until 2’ in 1989 when the team broke down after Rose was prohibited baseball during the life due to the play. Lou Piniella would carry out the young reds 1990 to one incredible season of title of series of the world with an upset field of strongly favoured Oakland. Dark days followed however, as apart from aspect of finale in 1995 the team would prove unable to compete with in the new economic climate of the baseball. A movement with large American Ballpark in 2003 did not improve fortunes of reds.


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