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In 1995 the Rockies began the play with the field of Coors and the signed free agent holds the first role the walker of Larry with the team towards the top with Dante Bichette to qualify for the national league the spot of character of ambiguity that under the director Baylor puts. The Rockies lost in Atlanta in the NLDS but the ventilators of Denver were hungry for more baseball and hopes were inflated. Colorado just gained 83 plays in each of the two following seasons. The walker had one phenomenal season 1997 it where it struck the 366 with 49 races at the house and 130 RBI to gain honors of NL MVP. The era of Baylor would finish in 1998 with a disc 77-85.

The Rockies, which had to follow so rabid in the beginning, started to lose the interest of their ventilators, much of which had hopes of championship then this countryside of the character of ambiguity 1995. The hope was quickly relit in the Rocky Mountains for the beginning of the season 1999 while Jim Leyland was brought inside to control the Rockies, after having carried out Pittsburgh to the finales 3 times and Florida to a title 1997 of the world.

The era of Leyland started in Monterrey, Mexico while Colorado and San Diego became the first teams to open one regular season apart from of the United States with Mexican Vinny Castille 4-5 misant with a race of house victory of S 8-2 in Colorado ‘. Unfortunately the Colorado finished 70-92 and Leyland withdrawn at the end of the season in the destruction and the failure. In 2000 without Leyland, or favorite Bichette parties and Castille of ventilator, interest for the team and the assistance is gone down, in spite of one return to respectability with one season 82-80, which was profit campaign of S of Colorado ‘ last. Todd Helton replaced its walker of team-member while the champion handling the beater but the walker of NL took again the price the following year. The walker was far occupied in 1994 and Colorado was infested by free failures of agent on the monticule with the field of Coors of the paradise of the bruisers.

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