The warriors of Philadelphia were one of the 11 teams of charter of the BLEAT in 1946. With the portion of Eddie Gottlieb of instigator of basketball like owner, general manager, and trainer of head, the team gained the first championship of the league in 1947, demolishing the males of Chicago.

One year after the warriors are turned over to the championship of league but lost with the balls of Baltimore. Gottlieb was influential by organizing the NBA, and the warriors were among its founder members in the season 1949-50. In 1951 the club gained the Eastern title of Division behind Fulks, guard/forward Paul Arizin, and keeps Andy Phillip but was disturbed in the finales and failed to capture the crown of league. The warriors gained the crown of league in 1956, carried out by Arizin (24.1 points by play) and central Neil Johnston (22.1), two of the higher scorers of the league.

Team 1956 of championship also comprised the guard Jack George All-to hold the first role and the guard beginner Tom Gola. Wilt Chamberlain central, a native of Philadelphia, arrived for the season 1959-60 and the gained beginner of NBA of the year and the majority of the valid honors of player (MVP) which season, as well as the first of its consecutive marking seven entitles. The matchup of Chamberlain and the central invoice Russell of Boston Celtics, also in Eastern Division, became one of the most celebrated competitions professional basketball. While the play counters New York Knicks March 2, 1962, Chamberlain marked 100 points.

The warriors replaced in San Francisco, California, in 1962, after Gottlieb sold the club with a group of investors. With Chamberlain, the Rogers type of guard, and central Nate Thurman, the warriors of San Francisco gained Western Division into 1964 before falling in Celtics in the finales from NBA. The following season the warriors traded Chamberlain in Philadelphia 76ers and finished the guard beginner badly detir Rick Barry joined the club in the season 1965-66 and carried out the league in marking, making the average of 35.6 points by play. This season the warriors still gained Western Division, but they were demolished in the finales of NBA by their old hold the first Chamberlain role and the 76ers.


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