During Ten days later, the English arrived at Charlotte, but met the terrible resistance of the militiaman’s of Mecklenburg. The Americans reprocessed slowly out of the road of Salisbury before colonel that William R. Davie, which would be later a governor and founder of the university of North Carolina, ordered the troops this day animated in the history.

After of Charlotte a bitter skirmish, Cornwallis and its forces occupied the village, but the British commander would discover soon that its push envisaged by Carolinas was to finish in Charlotte. Although there were few soldiers to be opposed to him, its troops were devastated on the two sides and soon, the English ran soon of the provisions. When Cornwallis sends patrols to obtain provisioning, they were put fire at the moment. “there is a rebel behind each bush,” Cornwallis acknowledged in a letter. “it is a true nest of hornets.”At the farm of McIntyre, miles at the house of a notation of two-history seven of Charlotte, Britishers were put fire at the moment by a group of 14 young Americans. So much confusion followed that the soldiers of plundering turned over several hives of bee in court, which was added considerably to confusion. This skirmish, locally celebrates, came to be known as “battles of the bees.”

The British order in north soon would be pushed back by South Carolina and never still they assemble the peak of a victorious sudden rise to north. The named Frelons also has the historical significance in the history of the sports of Charlotte. During much of years, the local ventilators of baseball proved to see Charlotte Hornets, a club of farm of twins of Minnesota, play the minor ball of league to the park of Griffith, to become notorious later like park of Crockett. Charlotte was posterior house with the Frelons of League.It football of the world was another effort of the football which brought Shinn to the first rank of sports to Charlotte, launching at the origin an effort to unload a concession of league of the football of the United States here.

After two high-succeeded plays of exposure at the commemorative stage in 1984, it seemed to go well on its way. But while the league of beginner fell over difficult periods, Shinn turned its attention to a sport and a league for which the expansion was imminent, the national association of basketball. It was the perfect marriage. The effort “brings the NBA to the gradually gained dash of country of basketball” and, like Charlotte increased in the forefront on towns of candidate for a team, at the community burst with civic pride.

The original name of the team was the spirit, chosen by a committee starting from a swimming pool of the suggested names. Because of a popular request, Shinn countryside held another “name equips”, requesting suggestions from the community via the observer of Charlotte. An overpowering number of voices for the Frelons poured inside and equips it with the NBA of Charlotte had new a name.It was a name which would characterize one of the newest concessions of the NBA by historical implications and team spirit and community.
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