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In the Fifties, Dodgers of Brooklyn became Dodgers of Los Angeles while the team took her historical step at the Western coast in 1958. In spite of the change of the place, Dodgers dominated the national league, gaining five) national flags of league 1955, 1956, 1959 (1952, 1953, and the championships of the world in 1955 and 1959.

In eight the 10 years, Dodgers never sheer stocking only the second place while gaining 913 plays, more gain in one decade in the history of Dodgers. While the decade started, Dodgers had a new president, Walter O’ Malley, who in the beginning was named as an agent of the club in 1941. In October of 1950, O’ Malley was well to the shareholder of president and chief of Dodgers, a position which it would be held during 20 years. O’ Malley saw its team taking the flags back with back in 1952 and 1953 pennies the director Charlie Dressen.

In 1953, Dodgers gained plays of a disc 105 of club with the “well-known boys of the summer,” including/understanding Jackie Robinson, make wee small Reese, Roy Campanella, Gil Hodges, Karl Furillo, put Newcombe, Karl Erskine, Jim Gilliam, duke Snider, eggs of preacher and Clem Labine. Walter Alston went well to the director in 1954 and guided Dodgers during 23 seasons, going up a large list of achievements: 2.042 victories, four championships of the world, seven flags of N.L., nine aspects All-to hold the first role and a hall of induction of re-elected in 1983.

In 1955, Dodgers have demolishes the Yankees and gained their first championship of the world of a series of the world of seven-play. Dodgers took play 7 at the stage of Yankee while series MVP Johnny Podres closed out of the Yankees, 2-0. Dodgers repeated as national champions of league in 1956 and faced again Yankees. Of another series of heart-stop of the world, the Yankees reigned in seven plays.

While the season 1957 rolled around, the team at once was eclipsed by the publicity of the possible movement of the team at the Western coast. The civils servant of New York could not provide a suitable site. October 8, 1957, O’ Malley announced that after 68 seasons in Brooklyn, Dodgers would move in Los Angeles. In a movement to bring the baseball to all the parts of the country, the giants also decided to replace from New York in San Francisco.

April 18, 1958, Dodgers played their first game in Los Angeles, demolishing the giants, 6-5, before 78.672 ventilators in Colisé. In their final season of the decade, Dodgers, as a team in the transition, finished in a tie of first-place with Brave Milwaukee. During two days later, Dodgers had the flag of N.L. while they swept Brave in A better — three of finale.

Dodgers then faced Chicago Sox white of their fifth series of the world of the Fifties. While using to strike convenient and exceptional pitching, Dodgers brought their first championship to Los Angeles and beat Sox in six plays. Jerez de Larry was impressive, gaining two plays and saving two, gaining honors of MVP. Charlie Neal and Essegian chuck had two races at the house the part.
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