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Central Bob McAdoo joined the team for the season 1972-73, gaining the beginner of the reward of year though Brave finished with another losing disc. An exceptional gunner, McAdoo carried out the league in marking during each three year to come, making the average of more than 30 points by play. It helped Brave the advance with the finales each one of these seasons. During the season 1974-75 McAdoo gained the NBA the valid majority of reward of player (MVP). During the season 1976-77, the owner John Y. Brown sold the contract of McAdoo in New York Knicks, and Brave man quickly dropped out of the controversy of finale. The team also suffered from service, and the Irv owner of the brown 1978 and Boston Celtics Levin traded of the concessions.

A businessman of California, Levin wanted with clean team on the Western coast. He moved Brave with San Diego, California, and retitré the club the mowers. In the season the 1978-79 team announced a gain-loss 43-39 record, which was held as a its best mark during 12 years. The role of the mowers during the beginning of the Eighties comprised veterans such that the Nixon standard of guard and center Swen Nater and the Walton invoice, as well as of young endowed players as dispatch the rooms and Terry Cummings of Tom In the agent 1981 and the property developer Donald T Sterling bought the concession, but when the team did not reach the released finales and the assistance, it moved the club in Los Angeles in 1984.

Former player rented sterling of Los Angeles Clippers Elgin Baylor as a general manager in 1986. By a series of the trade and higher selections of outline, Baylor rebuilt the mowers. The brown one of Larry succeeded as a principal trainer during the season 1991-92 and helped the mowers to finish with a mark of profit of 45-37. To equip and keeps forwards Ron Harper of Danny carried out the team to its first aspect of finale since the season 1978-79. The team made with the finales still the following season, but with brown then left the club, which was dropped at the bottom from Peaceful Division in the medium the Nineties.
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