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Following the resignation of Isaac before the season 1991-92, heat rented Kevin Loughery, which was 29 years old of experiment in the NBA as a trainer and a player, to be their new principal coach. For the outline of 1991 NBA, the team chose Steve Smith starting from the state of Michigan, a nimble guard, to start a new era of a ripe team of heat. With the assistance of Smith beginner, Rony Seikaly, and rice more tested of throat, heat finished in the fourth place in Atlantic Division with a disc 38-44 and made the finales for the first time. Playing the league-best bulls of Chicago, heat were swept in three plays.

Steve Smith makes the rice of team and of throat of NBA All-beginner finished 10th in the NBA in marking. The season of 1992-93 NBA included the additions of the quite selected minor of Harold of outline of the University of southernmost California as well as to exploit one 1st round selection (which would be transformed into total selection #10 the following season) the pistons forward/center John Salley de Detroit. While the addition of Salley was met the first time the hope because of the part which it exploited two groups of pistons of Detroit of championship, it was well quickly obvious that Salley was a player of role of quality for a good team, but not to a player of quality for a poor team as Miami was then.

Salley would make thereafter decrease its time of play, finally having for result it his taken by Toronto Raptors in outline 1995 of expansion. As for the season itself, it started badly, with time absent of Smith with damage and Burton of knee being lost for the major part of the year with damage of wrist. On the return of Smith, Miami announced a disc of profit in February and March, but it was not enough to grow hollow out of the 13-27-hole that they started inside. They finished 36-46 and would not return to the finales.

A healthier group went better in 1993-94, announcing the first disc of profit of the concession to 42-40 and turning over to the finales as the seed #8 against Atlanta hawks. After Miami had an advance of series 2-1, Atlanta gathered deficit to gain the series best-of-5. Then this season, Steve Smith would be selected as a member of the 2nd team of dreams, collection NBA All-to hold the first role which were selected to compete with in championships 1994 of basketball of the world in Toronto like equips the United States.

The refuse team II, also made up of future players of heat Shaquille O’ Neal, Alonzo crying, daN Majerle and Tim Hardaway, would continue to gain the tournament. In 1994-95, the team revised their role, commercial left Seikaly, Smith, and Grant a long time. In return, heat obtained Kevin Willis and Billy Owens. Moreover, currently a variation of power in the trading room came from heat. February 13, 1995 Cunningham and Lew Schaffel were repurchased the share by the famous family of Arison of the lines of cruising of carnival, which at this point in time had been the passive associates in the operations of day in day of the concession until the repurchase. Micky Arison, wire of founder Ted Arison of carnival was called associate-manager of management. It put immediately fire at Loughery and replaces him with people of the high society of Alvine on a basis of interim to test and shake to the top of heat 17-29. People of the high society misé 15-21 for the 36 remaining plays of the season for a combination 32-50 record, 10 plays in addition to mark of previous year.

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