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The magic joined the NBA as an element of a four-team, expansion two years. The heat of Miami and Charlotte Hornets began the play during the season 1988-89, and the magic and Minnesota Timberwolves joined the league per annum afterwards. Orlando gained only 18 plays in its first season, but with Dennis Scott beginner joining the Anderson notch and the guard of point of veteran Scott Skiles in the season 1990-91, the team improved her disc of gain-loss with 31-51. The chance of the magic by writing the higher players continued in 1992, when the concession gained the lines with the selection of number-a in a draft of this year of the players of university.

The club chose Shaquille O’ Neal, one 7-pi 1-in (2.1-m), the center 301-lb (136.5-kg) which university of the left State of Louisiana after its year junior. The impact of O’ Neal on the club and the NBA was instantaneous. In its fourth professional play O’ Neal recorded 31 points and 21 rebounds. He also became the first player in the history of NBA to gain the player of the honors of week in his first week in the league.

For the season the magic noted a gain-loss 41-41 record, but the team is not made the finales. Since it had the best disc among all the teams of not-finale, the magic had only one chance out of 60 to gain the higher selection in the outline of 1993 NBA. But the name of the magic was raised initially, giving them the higher selection during the second year in a line. Chris forwards chosen by Webber club and then traded with the warriors of gold state in exchange of the right-hand sides to the penny Hardaway and three future choices of outline of first round. The young person, gifted magic compiled a disc 50-32 in 1993-94 to finish in the second place in Atlantic Division.

However, Orlando was disturbed in the first round of the finales by Indiana Pacers. O’ Neal finished the season arranged initially in the league in the percentage of field-goal (599), in the second place in marking (29.3 points by play), and in the second place in the bounce (13.2 by play). In the season the 1994-95 magic compiled 57 victories and captured the first Atlantic title of the Division of the concession.

O’ Neal carried out the NBA in marking, with an average of 29.3 points by play. In the finales magic A demolishes Boston Celtics, the bulls of Chicago, and the leaders of train to advance with the finales of NBA. There the magic played in Houston Rockets. The series was posted as battles between O’ Neal and fused Hakeem central Olajuwon of veteran, and more tested rockets swept the magic by gaining four right plays.

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