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Devil Rays then encouraged by their associates in the Western victory of expansion NL impulsively acquired large sluggers Greg Vaughn, and Vinny Castillia of the national league to make their team competing. The trade gave to the rays devil a certain hope like McGriff, Canseco, Vaughn, and Castillia each one struck 30 shootings with the goal in one season. But trade shown with an important collapse since Castillia struck 6 hours, and 219 with the beater Jose Canseco also wounded. Greg Vaughn managed to strike 28 hours in 127 plays. Devil Rays finished the season in the last place still with a disc 69-92. In 2001, the rays began the season with an unhappy execution. Consequently the director Larry Rothschild was put fire to be replaced by Hal McRae. The team also suffered apathy from their admirors. To improve their execution, the decided team added some new prospects and released Vinny Castillia and McGriff. The trade proved to be positive for the team while the rays played relatively better. However, the loss was also obvious. The team finished the season in the last place during the fourth consecutive year. Moreover, the failure of tams was filled with fuel because of the traditional victory of autumn of back in the shape of rhombus of Arizona in Juste them 4th season. In 2002, the inefficiency of Devil Rays continued. With one losing season, Devil Rays became the first team in then 20 years to lose 100 plays in the consecutive season. Toby Hall and rays Historyason Tyner de JDevil were sent to the bottom with the minors. The following season the team in order to improve their management traded their only All-to hold the first role Winn Excité with the sailors of Seattle for the director Lou Piniella. Under Lou Piniella, Karl Crawford struck a spectacular 3-run go in addition to Homer, which gave to the rays devil a victory 6-4 above the Sox red of Boston.

It gained the crown low flight by Al with 55 and the beginner of Rocco Baldelli finished the season with the third Beginner of place of the vote of year. However, they was the only climaxes of the season. Devil Rays finished the season with a disc of 63-99. In 2004, the rays of devil for the first time in their history finished with 71-91 a disc, 3 plays in front of Toronto Blue Jays, which is their best disc up to now. They finished in the fourth place in the Al east. The player in the outfields Karl Crawford gained the title low stolen by American league during the second year in a line, Tampa Bay before having been allotted Devil Rays, the city was a preferred choice of the teams which threatened to move their respective cities with the continuation of new a ballpark or with the restorations of their old man ballpark. But once that they obtained what they wanted, Tampa Bay on the left without any principal team of league.

In consequence Tampa Bay established a ballpark to delude a team. They changed the dome of the last cry of Suncoast into ballpark of MLB. The expansion 1991 passed, but the city did not receive any team. In 1993, Vincent J Naimoli agrees to buy the giants and decided to replace the team with Tampa.

However MLB refused the movement. At this Vince Naimoli threatened a lawsuit against the MLB. Fears by the step of court, MLB still decided to increase its field. Moreover to the medium of the strike of a frightening player in 1995, MLB finally allotted a team to Tampa Bay, and Phoenix to begin the play in 1998.

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