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In 2001, the Atlanta Falcons go in top and bottom of par with victories and losses all the season before finishing with a disc 7-9. In 2002, in their first complete year with Michael Vick with the Strategist beginning the Atlanta falcons are gone down at a slow beginning losing their first two plays from mode from immense sorrow. They lost in overtime with the packer from green compartment, and 14-13 then lost on a goal lacked field by Jay Feeley in their opener at the house against the bear of Chicago. However, Cincinnati Bengals per week counters later the falcons obtained their first victory, because a national assistance showed the talents of the young starting QB of falcons.

After crush being crushed with one 1-3 with a loss at the house with the buccaneers of Tampa Bay the falcons showed a certain force by beating the giants of New York on the road with protection QB Doug Johnson substrate for a Michael wounded Vick. Vick would return the following week while the falcons went unconquered in their 7 next plays culminating with overtime a victory 30-24 exciting above Minnesota Vikings to which Vick marked the landing running on dynamic race 46-yards, that formed part of a disc breaking 173 courses of precipitation for the QB with various competences. In bottom of the right end, the falcons would fight just gaining one of their last four plays.

Nevertheless, their disc 9-6-1 was good enough for a spot of finale bus Michael Vick had a first impressive year like starter with 777 courses of precipitation and 2936 courses of going beyond. In the finales, Michael Vick would show the balance of a veteran precipitating 64 yards in snow while the falcons became the first team of road never to beat the packers of green compartment to the field of Scrap in the finales 27-7. One week later, the eagles of Philadelphia 20-6 would cut the falcons. In 2003, the hopes of finale of falcons took a blow before the season. In spite to be bored of Vick after it suffered a broken leg the Bottles begun the strong season with a victory 27-13 full over the road above the cowboys with Dallas with protection QB Doug Johnson.

They seemed not to be on line at a beginning extremely still in their opener at the house the following week because they had an advantage 17-0 early compared to the Red Skins of Washington. The Red Skins would come howling behind and would strike the falcons 33-31. The things would worsen while the loss began a losing scratch 7-game in which the Bottles were competing barley losing their six next plays by an average of 20 points. With Vick, the destructions then envisaged slower curatives started to boil the surplus while the First magistrates of Dan of trainer called into question his hardness.

The losing scratch of Bottles would come to with a victory full with road 27-7 above the giants New York, but it was too late to save the Atlanta falcons season, because they continued to fight without Vick losing their 2 next plays, before he finally returned during a loss 17-13 on the road in Texans of Houston. To hope to recover their lost season Michael Vick made at its first beginning the following week against the panthers of the Caroline. With its legs and its Vick arm counted for 320 yards while the falcons struck the unquestionable champions of NFC in overtime 20-14. However, the victory was too late to help work to keep Dan First magistrates the ‘ bus it was known as to take a rise and replaced in the three final plays by Wade Phillips. Under Phillips the falcons would lose their first play with the Colts of Indianapolis, but would again rebound with the victory their two final plays to finish their disappointing season with a finishing 5-11 record in the last place in the South of NFC.

In 2004, after one year of the damage and the destruction, Michael Vick was in good health from the very start because the Atlanta falcons gained their first four plays under the new coach Jim Mora Jr. The falcons were accustomed to the strong beginning to gain the South of NFC with a disc 11-5 like Michael Vick who had the ordinary one to pass from the numbers with 2.313 passages of going beyond and 14 yards of landing. However, the precipitation of the Vick ball almost had a year beating all the records to better precipitate 902 yards 3rd for a QB in the history of NFL, falling 66 yards soon from the disc while to see limited only the action in the two final plays of the year with the Atlanta falcons closed to key inside with second seed in the finales of NFC. The precipitation of Vick carried out the offence of Bottles, but it was the improved defense which that carried out the NFL with 48 bags which helped the falcons go in all and for all while they gained a round first bye of finale.

To face the RAMS of St Louis in the divisional final around the falcons ordered the play early while Vick precipitated 119 yards while throwing 2 passages of TD while the falcons jumped to an advance 28-17 to part-time and not ever looked at behind closing have the RAMS in 2nd half on the way with a victory 47-17. They have advanced with the championship of NFC for the second time approve the history inside. In the championship of NFC, the Atlanta falcons faced a team of eagles of dying Philadelphia of hunger for success playing in their fourth right play of title. On the road and the coatings an ascending battle, the falcons fell behind early trailing 14-3 in the 2nd quarter. The falcons would make him the end marking a TD right before part-time. However, after part-time the falcons always fought like Michael Vick was limited to 26 courses of precipitation and 136 courses of going beyond as the eagles gained 27-10 to advance in the super bowl XXXIX. Maintaining in 2005, the falcons are ready to go up. They are right 1 shorts of play of the super bowl which they seemed charged and prepare to go expect a great year of QB Michael Vick while the falcons raise to the top of the NFC with a underestimated defense and an enthralling offence, that will leave defenders out of the breath.

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