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The Buffalo Bills have a long history behind them. One with of valid moments liking much. Jr. de Ralph Wilson founded the team… It chose the named Buffalo Bills thus it could pay homage to the preceding concession of the Pro-football of Buffalo by employing the named Bills. The Ramsey type of trainer directed the Bills. The first game was played against the Titans of New York with the fine finale of points in 27-3 in on the ground histories of sports shirt. One week later, they would make their beginning at the house at the stage of memorial of war.

Unfortunately, they lost the play in Denver Broncos finishing 27-21. The Bills would obtain finally their first victory above the patriots 13-0. The Bills would continue to finish in the 3rd place with a disc 5-8-1. On the road, they played to well better gain four of seven including/understanding three of their last five to finish with a disc 6-8. After the type of trainer of season Ramsey is left go and Lou Saban succeeds. In 1962, the Bills would become one of the best teams in the AFL at the end of the year losing one just their nine final plays to finish with a disc 7-6-1. 1963, the Bills still stumble out of the door, going winless in their first four plays. The Bills would still recover to obtain in thick race for the 1st place in the east.

Later this season the patriots lost their finale of season and the affectionate Bills themselves in a tie for initially. In the divisional final at the stage commemorative of war, the Bills could not obtain anything entering a loss 26-8 with the patriots. In 1965, they were carried out by Jack Kemp, which passes 2.368 yards that the Bills would descend at another fast beginning gaining their the first four plays on the way leading to normal speed with their second Eastern title right of Division with a disc 10-3-1. In the play of championship of AFL, the Bills would again prove the superior masking chargers 23-0 in San Diego to gain their second right championship of AFL

In 1966, the Bills would gain five right plays to take again the 1st place. The Bills were never in play 31-7 in fall before the ventilators at the house. In1968, losing their the first two plays by combined items 64-13 of the coach Joe Collier is left goes, and replaced by Harvey Johnson the remainder of the season. One week later, they would obtain their first, while striking the unquestionable superb champion of basin that New York Voyage out of jet with the memorial of war in a growth 37-35 outside.

It would be the only victory for Buffalo all the season because they finished with a disc 1-12-1 terrible. After the season, the Bills would call John Rauch their new principal trainer. In 1969, the first total outline, select the RB of profit O.J. Simpson selected of Heisman of Bills. In its first season, the J.O would have one full season by gathering 1.040 general-purpose yards while marking five landings.

However, the Bills fight motionless finishing with a disc 4-10. In 1970, the Bills finished in the last place with a disc 3-10-1 unhappy. In 1971, as the camp of formation began the trainer John Rauch decided to leave, making the Bills to invite Harvey Johnson to still fulfill role as trainer of interim. After the season Lou Saban which gave particular lessons the Bills to 2 championships of AFL would turn over, hoping that the Bills could turn over to glory. In 1972, their final play at the stage commemorative of war, the Bills play the lions of Detroit to a tie 21-21, while announcing a disc 4-9-1, by final year of football at the ancient stage.

The season would upwards finish being a cut through for the RB O.J. Simpson which breaks the barrier of 1.000yard for the first time with one season full with 1.251yard. In1973, the Bills spend the season in a model while o.j. Simpson places a simple precipitation of play record in a victory 31-13 above the patriots in England News. O.J. Simpson which was going well on its way to gain NFL MVP had a chance with the history. The play Voyage out of jet in snow at the stage J.O of bassy ran 200 yards to go well to the first player in the history of NFL to precipitate 2.000 yards in only one season. Other players would break later the disc of Simpson, but nobody of other would precipitate 2.000 yards in one season 14-game.
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