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In 2000, the Carolina Panthers are struck when his wife assassinates the lane of RB Fred. The panthers never obtain completely the bearing to him losing three of their the first 4 plays on the way at one season 7-9. In 2001, the panthers were at 1-15 after a first in the losing scratch of play of season 15. The panthers made the terrible row 30ème of 31 teams in offence and completely for the last time in defense. After the George coach of Seifert season obtained initialization losing 32 plays in a few 3 seasons, 2 more whereas it lost in 8 years in San Francisco with the 49ers.

In 2202, new fox of John of trainer whom the Carolina panthers decided to build with the defense writing OF Jules Peppers of UNC with the second total selection in the outline of NFL. When the started season, the panthers went the route of veteran with their QB beginning appealing Rodney Peete which had not taken a rupture in 3 years as a their starter. Peete would prove a useful route while the panthers gained their first three plays. However, some damage tested by player and this would carry out to a losing scratch 8-game while the Carolina panthers fell into the last place in the South from NFC.

The Carolina panthers would finish season of thee on a note of cord gaining four of their last five plays to finish with a disc 7-9. Peppers Novices superiors of Jules would continue to gain the defensive beginner of the honors of year with 12 bags in Just 12 plays while it was suspended the 4 final plays for the use of the joined together ephedrine supplement. In 2003, the Carolina panthers played good and the team made in the super bowl. In the super bowl XXXVIII, the road of panthers in the super bowl XXXVIII had been dubious, just 2 seasons after one season 1-15 poor wretch the panthers were now in all the greatest set of them counters the patriots of the England News. After one 1st quarter without score the patriots drew the first blood after Jake Welcome touched on the panthers have the line 20-yards. The panthers would recover with a fast order 90-yards to attach the play to 7.

However, the atonements answered with a fast order the their clean ones to take on the left a lead 14-7 with 18 seconds in half. The panthers would not enter part-time quietly while they entered the chain of FG quickly making it possible to John Kasay to strike 50-yards FG while time expired in the 2nd quarter. After one 3rd quarter without score, the patriots would prolong theirs carry out to 21-10 Juste 11 seconds in the 4th quarter. The Carolina panthers claqueraient behind to fast on the adoptive race of landing 33-yards of Deshaun. After the test of the panthers 2-point failed the points were 21-16, but the panthers had not been in the order all the play because the tapotements involved a reduction of field seemed to be on the way to put the play far when passage from Reggie Tom Brady stopped by Howard in the end zone.

The Carolina panthers would profit full and on a play the superb basin into contest as Jake Delhomme related to Mushin Muhammad on steps 85-yards a TD transformed to give to the panthers an advance 22-21. Unfortunately, the attempt at conversion of the panthers 2-point would still fail. The wire of panthers would not last while the atonements marked a TD on the next order, while adding a conversion 2-point into catch an advance 29-22.

The Carolina panthers would not stop to attach the play with 1:08 easily to attach the play on the left. However, the beginning of panthers left the limits and the patriots were installed to the 40 front to only enter the chain of goal of field to gain the play. The atonements would lead 47 yards as Tom Brady in the installation familiar Adam Vinatieri of territory which nailed 37-yards FG while time expired to give to the atonements the Trophy of Lombardi with a victory 32-29. In 2004, they made him the 3rd place with a disc 7-9. Maintaining in 2005, after one year of the damage the panthers are healthy and ready for another race for the superb basin. However with the falcons in their manner it will be however a voyage, wait you with until the panthers give to the falcons a combat all the manner for division being lacking right but end upwards in the finales as dangerous Donnent the attack to.
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