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Founded in 1870 as an independent professional club, later joining national association in 1871 and becoming a founder member of the national league in 1876. The large fire of Chicago destroyed the ballpark, the uniforms and the discs of the club towards the end of the season 1871. The club achieved its program, finishing in the second place in national association that the year, but was forced to fall out of the league for the two following consequently seasons.

In 1875, Chicago acquired several principal players of red bottoms of Boston, including Al Spalding of jug and the first Anson hat of basic player, which would go much later to the chief and the director of team during almost twenty seasons. Anson was discutablement the best player in the baseball in his day, although one remembers mainly today for his role by establishing the line of the color of the baseball that for his administrative play and competence.

The team played its first game in the history of the national club of ball of league of Chicago April 25. The first race for the team was marked by the player of central ground Paul Hines. In September 1876 the team gained their first flag of NL. The team changed her name into 1890 and was now known like Colts of Chicago during the eight years to come. There the team moved at a new house in 1893 and played during the 18 years to come. The team started to play the Western side reasons. In 1898 the director of the hat of Anson team withdrew himself.

The team was retiree again and during the two years to come was known as orphans of Chicago. During this time the ventilators also called the team like “Cubbies.” In 1900, the disaster struck on the left the team and some players the team. In the director 1902 frank Selee joined the team and it built the team with a new whole of players and the team was retiree like small animals of Chicago. In the first decade of the new century the small animals were the best team in the baseball. The team gained a disc of 116 plays in 1906, 107 plays in 1907, 99 plays in 1908, and 104 plays in 1909 and 1910.

In the five last seasons the team also gained the national flags of league, collecting titles of the world in 1907 and 1908. The following decade saw a response of mixture, the team changed six directors but they all did not show good results. The destiny of the team changed when the owner of a company William Wrigley of chewing-gum bought the team. In 1945, the team made her last aspect with the series of the world.

The Seventies brought disappointment continues. The lineup 70s was composed of the invoice Madlock, Manny Trillo, Rick Reuschel, Buckner invoice, and Dave Kingman. The best player on the small animals in the Eighties was Ryne Sandberg, a second basic player smoothes who gained the reward of 1984 MVP and connected the average spot of infield for Chicago during 15 seasons. In 1984, the organization gained their first Eastern championship of Division of NL, and return to the play after the season for the first time since 1945.

The small animals of Chicago have the longest dry charm between the championships in very of professional sports, having do not gain a series of the world since 1908. The small animals were not even a series of the world since 1945, and finished in the second division, or the lower half, of the national league during 20 consecutive years starting in 1947. They did not gain any series of finale between 1908 and 2003, when they beat Atlanta Brave of the national series of Division of league (NLDS). In spite to have their first again with the back profit seasons since 1973 of 2003 and 2004, the small animals are always eternal in the 10 principal ones in the assistance of league.

The ballpark at the house of the small animals, the field of Wrigley, the host centre only played the plays of day until 1988 because the owner of stage gave the lights to the effort of war in the Forties, and they then became tradition. The first game of night was programmed to be played August 8, 1988, counters Philadelphia, but it was rained outside after 3 turns of beater of 1/2. The first official play of night occurred thus the following evening, August 9, 1988; the small animals have demolishes New York Mets, 6-4. While the plays of night are now possible at Wrigley, the small animals play always more games of day at the house than any other principal team of league.

The small animals of Chicago withdrew the following numbers; #14 carried by Ernie Banks, #26 pertaining to Billy Williams, #10 carried by Ron Santo and #42 pertaining to Jackie Robinson which was also withdrawn in all the baseball. The small animals of Chicago are an important team of baseball of league based Chicago, Illinois. The small animals are in the central Division of the national league. The uniform color of the team is red and the blue and the design of logo are C red on a blue field.
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