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In 2001, the results were not good whole, because the Dallas cowboys finished 5-11 for the second season in a line while finishing upwards in the cellar is NFC. The only luminous spot of the season was a RB Emmitt Smith which precipitated 1.021 yards for its 11th season in a line more than 1000 yards. In 2002, we see as the fights of cowboys of the last seasons always supported while they in the two directions were matched with the surplus of victories and losses their first six plays. The cowboys would continue to fight the fall with 3-7 and in the last place in the east of NFC.

After finishing their losing scratch with a victory above the jaguars of Jacksonville, Emmitt had its finer play of the season Thanksgiving precipitating 144 yards, because the cowboys maintained their hopes of finale of slip alive with a victory 27-20 above the RedSkins of Washington. It would be the last positive moment for the cowboys because they lost their four final plays to finish with a disc of 5-11 for the third right season. After the Dave coach of Campo season was known as to take a rise and the Parcells invoice replaced while the owner Jerry Jones chose finally a trainer with a reputation of profit. Finally somebody who knows what it makes!

In 2003, the era of Parcells of invoice is descended to an approximate beginning when the Dallas cowboys dropped the first play to the falcons to house 27-13 from Atlanta. In the second trainer of Parcells week to the house of sound greater success returned while the Dallas cowboys struck the giants of New York 35-32 while Billy Cundiff nailed 7 goals of field including/understanding a 52-yarder while time expired to force overtime and the play gaining 25-yarder in OT. The chance started to blow their manner while the victory launched the cowboys on a scratch of profit of five plays while they held early an advance 2-game for the Eastern Division of NFC.

After a loss of exclusion on the road with the buccaneers of Tampa Bay cowboys to be used, defense to gain their two next plays to improve with 7-2. Although, give particular lessons one week later Parcells turned over to another old house and things did not disappear as the cowboys were exclusion by the patriots 12-0 of the England News. After a victory at the impressive house above the panthers of the Caroline the defense of cowboys which was the number arranged 1 was exposed in a loss 40-21 with the dolphins of Miami Thanksgiving.

After their roasting Thanksgiving, the cowboys were still exposed in a loss 36-10 on the road with the eagles of Philadelphia, which saw them losing their chance at the first place. The cowboys would continue to close themselves out of the season with two victories in their three final plays to reach the finales for the first time in 4 years. However, in the finales the Dallas cowboys would make a fast exit while panthers 29-10 on the road beat them. In the play, the offence of cowboys was wedged in the neutral while they gathered just 204 yards are assembled in the play much from what came after the play was out of reach

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