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Let us throw a glance with the packer whom we see in 2000, the Rhodos ray did not do a so good work giving of the lessons particular to the packers and turned to the former auxiliary trainer Mike Sherman who followed, Mike Holmgren towards Seattle. The packers would go down at a beginning slow under Sherman and rested to 5-7, after a beginning 0-2. With the finales almost out of reach, the Green Bay Packers enclosed the season on a strong note gaining their four final plays including/understanding two against dependent teams for the postseason. After season GM Ron Wolfe would withdraw itself if you want to call it that, like coach Mike Sherman was given his work.

In 2001, the Green Bay Packers benefit from their strong completion by going up a full disc 12-4. While compiling their mark 12-4 the packers Won 6 with encounter the exchange of NFC. Bad losses with the falcons of Atlanta, and the Titans of Tennessee prevented them from gaining Division. In the character set of ambiguity, they were matched upwards against an enemy of failure in San Francisco 49ers with the field of Scrap. The 49ers would hold an advance 7-6, with part-time, but the packers return in second half would gain an unconquered victory 25-15 remainder with the field of Scrap in the postseason. Nevertheless, one week later the road with St Louis the season of packers would finish breaking, because Brett Favre had a play terrible 6-interception in a loss 45-17 with the RAM.

In 2002, the packers played 8 of profit forts of their the first 9 plays because they made fold up the Scandinavian Division lately established NFC by high season with their other adversaries of three divisions on the way to lose 10 plays or more. Again, Brett Favre would be the sweeping force passing 3.658 yards while beginning each play for the 11th right season. After stumbling at at the end of November with losses of road in Minnesota Vikings and the buccaneers of Tampa Bay which the packers seemed to be on the edge to fix the advantage at the house of field having need right for a victory above New York Voyage out of jet in the final play of the season. Travel out of jet crushed packers 42-17, as Green Bay Packers who finished with one 12-4 record not only the field at the house lost, but also a round first bye in the finales.

In the finales, the packers who had a perfect disc regular of season to the field of Scrap were struck in snow by the falcons of Atlanta 27-7, in what was their first loss at the house of finale in the history. In 2003, the packers made him the entire manner with the finales which the packers would still deal with the Vikings after which charmed regular season two gains. This time the packers would dig a first hole while they fell behind into the 1st quarter 17-0. The packers would never recover Favre had four passages stopped in a loss 31-17 crushing mill with the field of Scrap. In 2004, the Green Bay Packers would begin the strong beat of season the defending panthers 24-14 of the Caroline of champion of NFC.

However, the packers would fight losing the four next plays, including three with the field of Scrap. The packers would finish their losing scratch in a considerable way beating the lions of Detroit on the road 38-10. The victory with Detroit would be right the spark the necessary packers because they gained their six next plays, including a victory 34-31 which charmed above Minnesota Vikings over a good goal of field 33-yards of Ryan while time expired, to rise a long time again with the top of the north of NFC.

After two losers of three plays, the battle for the title of division is descended to a play while the packers faced the Vikings. The play would go in the two directions, because Brett Favre passed 365 yards while the packers gained 34-31 more on the goal of field 29-yards of Ryan Longwell while time expired. The packers would continue to finish the season with a full disc 10-6 while they enclosed the season with a victory full above the bear with Chicago. In the finales, the packers would still face the Vikings after two enthralling victories of season. However, this time the packers fell behind into the 1st quarter 17-0. The packers could not be caught. Favre had four passages stopped in a loss 31-17 crushing mill with the field of Scrap.

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