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New the house, name, and carpets could not stop losing, because Astros would reach the 500 until 1969 nor would have one season of profit until 1972 when Jerry Ruess and Larry Dierker returned history while launching back to back no bruiser for Houston. It would not take place until 1979, however, before Houston was a serious candidate of title because jug JR Richard carried out a team of Astro in inside to a play and a half of the finales. Nolan Ryan was signed as a first player to make more than $1 million to pass Houston above the bump per annum.

Finally made Astros the season of post in 1980 and carried out Philadelphia 2-1 in better — five of NLCS but could not enclose the business, losing a play tearing 5 in 10-innings. Houston lost a special final of division with in the strike shortened the season 1981. Astros would return with the NLCS in 1986 to meet the Mets in a epic showdown 7-game which finished with the low one of Astro Kevin running up outside with the profit run on the basis.

While Astros would often dispute after they would still not reach the season of post until 1997 when they gained the weak exchange of NL before curving in Atlanta in the NLDS. After acquisition of the jug of superstar Johnson Excité to the commercial deadline 1998 they rolled to 102 victories. They were struck in a loss of 4-game NLDS towards San Diego, however. 1999 were the final season in the astrodome and Houston folded up another crown of division the final day of the season in front of a crowd of SRO. 2.7 million Ventilators offered the good-bye to the dome in this final season.

Unfortunately, Houston still failed in the season of post against Atlanta. Houston gained another central title of NL in 2001 but still failed in the NLDS in Atlanta, making resign the director Larry Dierker. After having hardly missed the finales in Houston 2004 made the NLCS before losing to St Louis. After a slow beginning in 2005 that Astros gathered with a second brilliant half, beat St Louis in the NLCS and lost in white Sox of the series of the world.

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