Indianapolis Colts Tickets

If you are existed to see the Colts in the Super Bowl, you are not alone; there is millions which would jump to the chance to see the play of phase in Miami. The Colts are strongly favored in their match upwards with the bears of Chicago, but they will have to make much more than simply to appear.

The Colts beat the Patriots by 7 points–thanks to six, yes six, Patriot turnovers. I’m not so sure I’d be very confident in that victory. Last season the Colts went into New England and beat them convincingly 40-21. And the Colts marched to the Super Bowl and won. Oh wait a minute, that’s not right. They marched to a lackluster loss against the Steelers, who did everything possible to give the Colts the game. Blame Vanderjagt if you want, it was the inability of Manning and the offense that led to the loss.

As for the regular season, the Colts have 7 games left. They’ll be playing Dallas, Philadelphia, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, Houston and Miami. Can they go 16-0? It’s ironic that Miami is sitting there as the last game of the season–1985 Bears anyone? The game is in Indy though. Even if the Colts go 16-0, they still shouldn’t be considered the best team until they prove it. What must they do? For me, if they just win some playoff games and get to the Super Bowl–don’t have to win–I’ll get off their back.

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