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Because we look at the last years, we see that the dolphins tested various strategies to improve the execution of the team. For example in 2002, to help to improve their offence the dolphins acquire RB Rickey Williams old gaining Trophy of Heisman of the saints of New-Orleans. Williams would have an immediate impact while the dolphins descended at a beginning 5-1 terrible. However, in the primetime of week 6 a play on the road against the Denver Broncos QB wounds its inch while that it them Miami dolphins gain in second finally 24-22 on 55-yards FG by Olindo Mare.

Maintaining the player of ground on the touchlines the dolphins would fight while stripes it Lucas help fought with sales turnovers while the Miami dolphins lost three right plays. Lucas would rebound to gain two rights, but again, the invoices of Buffalo beat the Miami dolphins. Fiedler is turned over thereafter plays second half against the invoices but was clearly rusted. In spite of the damage and sales turnovers, the dolphins seemed to move for the title is AFC behind the operation dominating of Rickey Williams which regulated a disc of concession with 1.853 yards, gaining the title of precipitation of the league.

However, two bad losses in the two final plays towards Minnesota Vikings and of the patriots of the England News would drop the dolphins out of the finale completely while they finished in the 3rd place with a disc 9-7. The dolphins in 2003, inherited the season with the championship in their blood, but went down at a precarious beginning above in the losing opener of season at the house in Texans of Houston 21-20.

The dolphins would recover and gain their four next plays to write a showdown to the pro stage of player against the patriots of the News England 4-1 with the first place concerned. At the same time, Florida Marlins thus made a surprise run to a title of series of the world the dolphins still had to exploit the infield of dirtiness. This would finish to the top costing them what would prove to be the most essential play of the season while the mare of Olindo was bored of a goal of field 36-yards in the final minute of the payment.

The mare would miss a 35-yarder in overtime before the atonements gained play 19-13 on passage 82-yards TD of Tom Brady. Both lack of the mare released dirtiness from infield. The damage would again take their toll on the geai Fiedler of QB like wire of Brian Griese of the Miami dolphins that Hall of Famer Bob ensured work starting the middle of the season.

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