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Because we employ our sports, time the machine and fly again at the year 2000, we see that the Vikings began a new beginning when a new QB Daunte Culpepper started after does not resign Jeff George and Randall Cunningham. Culpepper would have a good season to pass 3.937 yards while Minnesota Vikings gained their 7 first and 11 of their 13 first, on the way at a beginning 11-2. The Minnesota Vikings had certain problems such as losing their three final plays to finish with a disc 11-5. RB Robert Smith who precipitated 1.521 quickly withdrawn afterwards from the painful damage of knee in the finales.

In 2001, the Vikings did not make three not lost too well of their first four plays. The Vikings would continue to have problems at once losing any chance of the finales. The team did not obtain along because of the effort at once and Mike Tice which carried out the Vikings in the final of season was called the new principal trainer, because WR Chris Carter was put fire after the rock season. In 2002, Mike Tice which gave lessons particular to the Vikings in their final play the previous season would succeed on full-time. They always did not make with a disc 3-10 terrible well.

Nevertheless, the Minnesota Vikings would finish the season seeming good by gaining their three final plays to announce a disc 6-10. In 2003, maintained their scratch of going profit because they gained their first 6 plays which included an exceptional victory 30-25 in the surplus of week 1 the packers of green compartment. Then they lost with the giants at house 29-17 of New York. They developed the bad chance then that the play and had a losing scratch 4-game. Vikings finishing their season with 9-7 without finales. In 2004, the Vikings started out of fort like five of profit usual of the first six plays. However some of the tested damage players. It makes lose the Vikings their three next plays. They also lost four their final plays. Towards the end of the season, they just broke down. After the season while the Vikings were sold with a new group of property, the trading room had enough the Excités plays of foam moving and stops the field.

They decided to trade theirs hold the first role with the robbers of Oakland for book Napoleon Harris and a pair of outline selects. Maintaining in 2005, without Excite foam the hearth shifts now with QB Daunte Culpepper. Is it to go to work? The problem greater east which will run the ball for the Vikings? They do not make hold the first role a truth the runner to carry the team, and at the end which will be what wounds the Vikings more while they fall shorts tight from the finales.

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