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The New England Patriots are a strong team and were with the super bowl couples of basin of the periods. The chance follows them while we look at their last years. To the difference in their superb aspect of basin two years, earlier the patriots entered the Super Bowl XXXVIII against the panthers of the Caroline to Houston as a preferred team. After a first quarter without score, the patriots struck the first blood while Tom Brady found Deion Brach in the zone of end with passage court 5-yards. After the panthers attached the play, the patriots took again the wire in the second finales of first half with another passage court of TD of Brady with David Givens.

The panthers would mark a fast FG while the play entered part-time carrying out 14-10. After the two teams went without score in the 3rd quarter, the 4th quarter was transformed into exchange of shootings with that to be prolonged carry out to them to 21-10 before the panthers struck behind with 2 fast landings to take a lead 22-21. To lose the wire seemed to awake, because led well again to the catch an advance 29-22 on a passage Mike Vrabel of 1 yard, which was followed of a conversion 2-point succeeded run by Kevin Faulk. The panthers struck well the back attaching the play to 29 with less the 2 minutes on the left. Again, the tapotements took place in the final minutes of the superb basin with the attached play. Like it made two years ago, Tom Brady who gained superb honors of basin MVP led the tapotements in the chain of goal of field where Adam Vinatieri nailed a goal of field 36-yards while time expired to give to the patriots their second superb title of basin in 3 years. In 2004, releasing two superb championships from basin in 3 years the patriots seemed even stronger with the addition of the All-Pro back of operation Corey Dillon of Cincinnati Bengals. The patriots are descended at a fast beginning beating the Colts from Indianapolis in Thursday an opener 27-24 from season night, like Tom Brady out of launched Peyton equipping with 335 yards with going beyond.

The patriots would employ this victory to go down at a beginning from rocket while they placed the disc of NFL for consecutive victories above two years a right end at 21 while they supplemented their 15 victories at the end of 2003 with a beginning 6-0. There the chance would finish on Halloween while the patriots left 21 points with Pittsburgh Steelers on the way with a loss 34-20. The loss would be only one bump in the road for the patriots because they gained their six next plays to easily capture the Eastern Division of AFC. At a point it was navigation without clash until the secondary whole patriots were wounded forcing brown WR Troy to become a bidirectional player.

The brown one holds its clean then while the New England Patriots announced a disc 14-2 for the second right season carried out again by one of higher defenses in the NFL. In the finales the patriots faced again with the Colts, but with cold the England News rolls up soufflement by Foxoboro which the Colts never have a chance like the defense of patriots badgered to equip to hold all the day the high actuated offence of Colts with Just 3 points in a full victory 20-3 which gained to them a rematch with Steelers in the play of championship of AFC. Turning over to one of two places which the patriots lost a play during the season, the patriots were determined to show that the loss of Halloween to finish their scratch of profit was only one aberration.

They would go down at a fast beginning carrying out 24-3 to part-time while Rodney Harrison returned an interception 87 yards for a TD in the moments of weakening of first half. Steelers would make a race with the patriots in second half but the patriots would keep them with the length of arm always providing a great play to answer the marking made by Steelers while they gained a voyage in the superb basin for the third time in 4 years with a victory 41-27.
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