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Because we steal behind a few years to control out in the way in which our malicious eagles played in the last years see us that in 2000 of their first season like the initiator Donovan McNabb was established as a rise hold the first role by the going beyond 3.365 yards and precipitation for 629. Behind McNabb the eagles extremely played all the season, plays sometimes of profit, compiling a disc 11-5. Two important plays had as consequence the losses with the giants of New York costing the Philadelphia Eagles which division entitle. Arrangement for the character of ambiguity the eagles accommodated the buccaneers of Tampa Bay in the veterinary surgeon in the first round of the finales.

In its first play of finale Donovan McNabb simply succeeded while the eagles dominated Bucs all the day over the way with a victory 21-3. One week later than the eagles would be crushed by the giant’s still 20-10 in the meadows. In 2001, after having duplicated their first 4 plays the eagles played the giants in the meadows. The giants crushed them the whole manner, but the defense of eagles did not allow a TD, and maintained the eagles in the play while the giants held an advance 9-0, before Donovan McNabb evincible one 4th return of quarter which gave to the eagles a victory 10-9 dramatic. (Amazing Huh!)

The Philadelphia eagles would continue to extremely play all the season before still playing the giants in beside the last play of the season needing a victory, the eagles overcame a deficit 7-point with 2 minutes on the left with the veterinary surgeon to take a lead 24-21 with 7 seconds on the left, because the last effort of ditch of giants to mark was 3-yards stopped soon.

The victory gave to the Philadelphia eagles the title of division, because they gained their last play to finish with a disc 11-5. In the finales the eagles beat buccaneers 31-9 of Tampa Bay to the veterinary surgeon in the first round of the finales. One week later Donovan McNabb returned to its birthplace of Chicago, and had an astonishing play while the eagles shocked bears 33-19 to advance with the championship of NFC.

(The bears did not grognaient this play, they cried!) In the play of championship to St Louis the eagles would take a lead 17-13 in part-time. The offence of RAM could not be ordered marking 19 points without answer to take a lead 29-17. The eagles would not give to the top while the eagles fought and marked a TD with 3 minutes of remainder. In bottom of 29-24 the eagles would have a last chance, but McNabb had its passage stopped at the central zone with less then 2 minutes on the left. In 2002, after soufflement of a great advance part-time in their opener of season on the road against the Titans of Tennessee the eagles assembled jusqu to the top of the NFC to east 116 points while they gained their 3 next plays.

The Philadelphia eagles would fall to 3-2, because Donovan badly bearing McNabb could not gather the eagles after the jaguars of Jacksonville. One week later in a play of showdown against the buccaneers of Tampa Bay the eagles would be established as a one of the favourites in the NFC while descending Bucs 20-10, because they still began scratch of profit of 3 plays. Nonlong Detmer after separated its shoulder forcing the eagles to turn to the 3èmes eagles of The of cord gained 4 directly to gain is NFC for the second right season. It seemed as the eagles would fly high in the superb basin but, the eagles season finished with a loss 27-10 terrible.

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