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While we trail again in Pittsburgh Steelers to present to us afterwards, we see that in 2000, Steelers started their final season at the stage of three rivers on the false foot by losing their first three plays. However, Kordell Stewart would start to overcome its fights while Pittsburgh Steelers gained their five next plays. However, a following losing scratch of three plays would finish practically their chances of finale. Steelers would continue to gain 3 of their the last 4 plays to finish with a disc 9-7 but it was not good enough for the finales, like Steelers enclosed out of three rivers with a victory 24-3 above the Red Skins Washington.

In 2002, Pittsburgh Steelers played of the pavers in the beginning losing their first two plays against the patriots of the England News and the robbers of Oakland. They continued to play of the poor, as they must of overtime beat Cleveland Browns. Pittsburgh Steelers started to begin again with Maddox by their side; Steelers had three right victories to fold up the title of division with a disc of 10-5-1. They played in the finales against Cleveland Browns.

Pittsburgh Steelers had a dramatic victory of the return 36-33. In 2003, Steelers began the season inside well whereas they broke involving them to finish with a disc 6-10 disappointing. In 2004, Steelers is descended from the season at a good beginning. Steelers would continue to gain the week inside and the week outside, because they would not lose another play in the regular season gaining their the last 14 plays to better finish with a disc 15-1 of NFL. Steelers passed to the play of championship of AFC with a victory 20-17. In the championship of AFC, Steelers faced the patriots still.

However, this time it would be different bus the atonements jumped to a great advance and never looked at behind beating Steelers 41-27 to gain a voyage in the superb basin XXXIX. Maintaining in 2005, it will be difficult that Ben Rothlisberger repeats his execution beginner, because it will not astonish no matter whom this year. However, Pittsburgh Steelers always have a strong defense and a team which always seems to obtain the yards and should be able in measurement with again with the north of AFC

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