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The Seattle Mariners are an important team of baseball of league based in Seattle, Washington. They are in the Western Division of the American league. The team inherited the existence in 1977 as an American team expansion of league (Al). From Seattle 1977 to 1988 passed through seven directors and dozen to begin lineups, finishing does not place better than fourth in Western Division. The history of the club in rise until the Nineties was completely poor, without season of profit until 1991. The history of the beginnings of the team during the Seventies and the 80s is characterized by the not-achievement eternal.

The principal baseball of league returned to Seattle in 1977 when the sailors joined Al with Toronto Blue Jays. The teams early of S of Seattle ‘ comprised players in the outfields Ruppert Jones, Leon Roberts, and binds Stanton and infielders Bruce Bochte and daN Meyer. Mike Parrott and Enrique Romo carried out the personnel of pitching. In 1980 lost 103 plays and finished sailors the season in the last place. The phase in faced fall by team because they could not carry out bay-trees in a few these seasons. The sailors continued to attract the new talent throughout the Eighties. The second basic player Harold Reynolds, a player of exceptional ground, associated 1986, and chief of bank of Scott, third basic player Edgar Martinez and jug arrived in 1987.

Power-to strike the geai Buhner right of player of ground and the jug Erik Hanson joined the team in 1988. The sailors finished for the last time or the next-with-last in their division in 10 their first 13 seasons, and did not record a season of profit until 1991. Extremely the first time in the history of club which the sailors finished the season above the 500 giving a report on 83-79. In spite of the impressive year the sailors decide to put fire to the director Jim Lefebvre at the end of the season.

Fortunes of the sailor started to turn for the best in 1994. The team had added a core of the strong players built around the player of central ground Ken Griffey, Jr., jug Johnson Excité and bruiser indicated Edgar Martinez. The sailors reached the finales for the first time in 1995 with a return of end of season. Johnson gained the reward of Al CY young people after the indication of a gain-loss 18-2 record and carrying out the commanders with 294 fiascoes and of the 2.48 the average of race (ERA) gained. In the season the 1966 sailors missed their session of finale but Rodriguez captivated the title of Al fight. In next session in 1997 the team gained as much as 90 plays and captivated the title of division during second once.

The Mariners team has a disc losing in 1998 and season the 1999. The team fought to finish the season 1998 in the third place with a losing disc of 76-85. The season 2000 was a return to respectability for the sailors, because they gained the character of ambiguity. They finished half of a play behind the athletics of Oakland, because they played only 161 games. Gaylord Perry RHP gained hall of honor of re-elected in the year 1982-1983. The sailors of Seattle gained three Western titles of Division of American league (1995, 1997, and 2001) and gained a character of ambiguity in 2000 (Al). Alvine Davis 1b, Kazuhiro Sasaki RHRP, Ichiro Suzuki gained the Beginner of the year in 1984, 2000 and 2001 respectively

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