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As we go again to see how Seattle Seahawks had played in the last years to present to us see in 2000, that the beginning of Seahawks the fresh year like Kingdome was leveled to make place for a new stage. However, whereas the stage was built Seahawks were requested to play 2 seasons on the campus of the University of Washington. The team was not happy on this subject because without field at the house of their clean Seahawks fought, losing seven their first nine plays. Seahawks would continue to finish the season with a disc 6-10 disappointing. In 2001, Seahawks would play only poor football more seasons under Hasselbeck 5-7 misact in its beginnings.

All the times that Dilfer was at once, Seattle Seahawks played with a flutter in their eye and energy pumped in their legs saving them each of the four of its beginnings. Moreover the manufacture of the news was a RB Shaun Alexandre which had a play of bursting November 11 front Sunday the national assistances of night a TV at the enroué stage, when it precipitated 266 yards in a victory 34-27 above the robbers of Oakland. It was the fourth play of simple precipitation highest in the history of NFL on the way at one season of 1.318yard it where it marked 16 landings.

Even afterwards, they achieved all these great plays which they had need always for a victory and a help to make the finales in final week of the season. And they! Seahawks gained the chiefs of Kansas City 25-22. Unfortunately, they did not obtain the assistance which they have need and were the only team with a disc of profit to 9-7 not to make the finales. In 2002, Seahawks finally opened their stage of the last cry, moving again with the NFC in the west where they played their inaugural season in 1976, as an element of the delocalization of the NFL. After the fall of their first play on the road, Seahawks would open the stage of Seahawks. Seattle Seahawks finished the season on a strong note gaining their three final plays with Hasselbeck passing 3.075 yards while Seahawks announced a disc of 7-9, whereas RB Shaun Alexandre carried out the NFC with 18 landings. In 2003, Seahawks is descended at a beginning to howl gaining their first three plays to take of the two advances early of play in the west of NFC. However, they lost their next play with the packers of green compartment to the loss 35-13.

Seattle Seahawks would become better to gain their next plays at the house, because they would defend their house all the season gaining each eight play at the stage of Seahawks. After they gained the cardinals of Arizona, Seahawks lost then lost their 6 next plays of road. Seahawks loses on the road would make them obtain given a kick out of their chance of the first place, as they wrote the final play of the season on the road against San Francisco 49ers just to make the finales. Seahawks continued their scratch of profit and made a spot in the final with a disc 10-6. In the finales, Seahawks would return to the green compartment for a match upwards against the packers. They sadly lost the play, but with a hard combat with the final points 33-27.

In 2004, they hoped to gain a title of division. They gained the first three plays. They played contradictory throughout the season. They were likely always to gain the west of NFC if they gained their final play. They gained the play playing against the falcons with the final items 28-26 to conclude the west from NFC with a disc 9-7. In the finales that Seattle Seahawks faced their archrival the RAMS. Again, it would be battle because the play went in the two directions. The RAMS gained 27-20.

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