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The cardinals built themselves in one gaining during the middle of the Twenties, carried out by the second player of base/director Rogers Hornsby, the narrowest player that the national league had, statistically speaking, with the Ruth baby. In 1926, the cardinals gained their first flag in 39 years, and then shocked the world of baseball by the blow in addition to powerful New York Yankees in seven plays of the series of the world.

Storied play 7 reached its apogee in the seventh turn of beater when the jug of profit of the day before, ageing Grover Cleveland Alexandre, was called in the relief with the slugger of face Lazzeri Élégant with the bases charged (some ventilators have fears that Alexandre could have been “charged” itself after celebration with the victory of the day before). After having given to the top of a long stinking ball, “Ol ‘ Peter” then struck out of Lazerri balancing 3 bottoms fastballs. A narrow-kept secrecy was whereas the two men in this confrontation precisely proved to suffer from the epilepsy. The Yankees did not go up not further from the gatherings and this series of the world was one gaining for the cardinals.

Years after, a film was made about the life of Alexandre entitled TEAM of profit (1952), holding the first role Ronald Reagan. The cardinals fell shorts tight in 1927, then gained the flag still in 1928, sharpening out of the small animals resurging of Chicago and the giants contractual eternal of New York. Cardinals not price so much well of the series of the world, because the Yankees continued their predominance of 1927 and drew in bottom from the cardinals in four rights. Without worrying, the stage was placed for the new order of the national league. The innovating branch general manager Rickey of cardinals established a minor system of farm of league which would produce large players and maintains the cardinals in the controversy for the two following decades.

Between 1926 and 1946, the cardinals, the small animals and the giants would become wild rivals, who trio gaining 17 of the flags of NL to be had during these 21 seasons. At the beginning of the Forties, the cardinals dominated the national league. The 1942 “St Louis Swifties” gained 106 plays, inside the history of concession, and is largely regarded as among the largest teams of baseball of all the hour. In 1943 and still in 1944 they announced the second best discs in the history of team to 105-49.

The series 1944 of the world was particularly memorable because they met their rivals of crosstown, the brown ones of St Louis, the “series of Tram”. The cardinals beat brown the 4 plays with 2 to gain the series 1944 of the world. The player in the outfields Stan “the man” Musial carried out the team ‘ 44. Known faithful ventilators as “a number 6” of Ol ‘, Musial spent 23 years in uniform cardinals. In 1968, a statue of Musial was built apart from the stage of Busch. After having finished 3 plays behind the small animals in 1945, St Louis returned to the tie for the flag in 1946, and Brooklyn of a series of finale to obtain with the series of the world. They faced a powerful red team of Boston Sox and demolished them in 7 plays, the unquestionable profit run in play 7 coming in the eighth turn from beater on the famous insane indent from demolition from Enos around the bases on a blow with the left central field not very deep.

In 1947, the cardinals (who were effectively the only principal team of the league of the South until the Sixties) gained notoriety while trying to boycott plays against embusqués of Brooklyn to protest the signature of embusqués of a black player, Jackie Robinson. The pled leader of the boycott was demolition of Enos. National President Ford Frick of league threatened to prohibit all the players who boycotted any plays, and the boycott never occurred. The cardinals did not sign a regular black to the abrupt flood in 1958. The resistance of the cardinals to the tendency of the talent of hiring of minority contributed to a recession of team which functioned for great the a 20 years part to come. However, the organization was also the first principal team of league to integrate the formation of spring placing one decade later.

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