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As we check the St.Louis Rams progress in the last years when we see that in 2000, the new trainer Mike Martz the St. Louis Rams gave on nothing. They gained their the first six plays marking 37 points or more in each play. The trouble developed in the slides because the St. Louis Rams would lose their first play in Kansas City against chiefs 54-34, but even worse was when QB Kurt Warner broke his finger. The St.Louis Rams would gain only three their eight forthcoming plays in spite of strong executions of the wounding player of the Faulk marshal of year, and support the green and Kurt Warner of QB the Trent when it is turned over.

The problem was the St. Louis Rams which defense was terrible, and left then 30 points in each play. The St. Louis Rams wrote the final week of the season with a disc 9-6 needing one victory in New-Orleans against the saints right to obtain the final spot of finale. The RAMS would rise on the occasion beating saints 26-21, installing a rematch one week later in New-Orleans. However, Kurt Warner could not bring back the St. Louis Rams, because they fell 31-28. In 2001, after the defense of RAM was a disappointment with their team. Lovie Smith enters as a new defensive coordinator, because seven of 12 defensive starters are replaced. The defense of RAMS shows the improvement while they go down at a beginning 6-0. In the play of championship of NFC, the RAMS fought in addition to challenge of the eagles of Philadelphia to be held on a victory 29-24 for a return voyage in the superb basin. In the super bowl XXXVI, the RAMS was the favorites 14-point. The offence of RAMS could not obtain active all the day, and trailed 17-3 entering the 4th quarter. In the quarter, the offence of RAMS started to click while they marked twice to attach the points to 17-17. The 2 minutes being left, the RAMS had the force, because the play seemed to move at overtime.

The defense of RAMS made it possible to the patriots to obtain in the chain of goal of field where Adam Vinatieri struck the RAMS and the world by giving a kick the atonements to a victory 20-17. In 2002, the St. Louis Rams played as if they were spaced out and in amazement while they dropped their first four plays. Making the matter, a worse QB Kurt Warner suffered a broken hand. The St.Louis Rams suffered this season while they finished with a disappointing disc of 7-9. In 2003, the RAMS played formed football all the year and would continue to finish with a disc 12-4 full gaining the west with NFC during the 3rd time in 5 years while gaining a round first bye of finale. Among the RAMS, to have the great year was the Holt Conservative who stretched to the top of 1696 courses of reception while marking 12 landings.

In the finales, the St. Louis Rams would play the host centre with the panthers of the Caroline of surprise. The play would go in the two directions for 30 the first minutes before the panthers took the order in the 3rd quarter. Trailing 23-12 late in the 4th quarter the RAMS went on an order 15-play, which was covered by a race of 1yard TD, by the Faulk marshal to draw at a spectator of Dane of blow of Bulger of goal of field for a successful conversion 2-point. To have to obtain with the ball behind the RAMS recovered the blow-of-foot of onside and was in the businesses leading towards a possible play gaining TD. In some manner that inexplicably after having obtained the ball with panthers 25, coach Mike Martz decided to run the clock outside and let Jeff Wilkins send the play to overtime.

In overtime, the teams played without points by the first 15 minutes while each side missed long attempts at goal of field. On the first play of the 2nd OT the season of RAM came to a halt while the panthers connected on a passage 69-yards TD to elasticity the panthers a victory 29-23 dramatic. After the coach of play Martz was largely criticized. The things also would be disentangled between Martz and 2-time MVP Kurt Warner which publicly kept resentment, before Warner was released to clear up the space of hat of wages, whereas Bulger marc finally was known like starting QB, after having covered his season with the pro basin MVP.

In 2004, the St. Louis Rams would begin the season with far with a victory above the cardinals of Arizona before losing their two next plays. They played unstable all the season a long time. Sometimes, their plays were large. For example, their victory above Seattle Seahawks in overtime as Bulger marc was connected to Shaun McDonald on a passage of landing 52-yards for the victory 33-27. Two weeks later, they would frustrate their ventilators with a loss 31-14 with a team of dolphins of 0-6 Miami. The loss with the dolphins would be the 2 months beginning of fights because the RAM just gained 2 of their 6 next plays, keeping only their finale hopes alive by beating Seahawks during one 2nd time.

While the season related to the RAMS would put their charts on the Faulk marshal whose execution decreased because of its age and the damage while Stephan Novice Jackson started to take a volume of carries. To 6-8, the finales were a long projectile as well as possible, because the RAMS wrote their two final plays of the season. One 20-7 fort gains above the eagles of Philadelphia. They were likely to make the finales with a victory in their final play. The St.Louis Rams because they made a great part of the necessary season to gather while Bulger marc passed 450 yards while the RAMS beat New York Voyage out of jet in overtime 32-29 to reach the finales with 8-8.

In the finales the RAMS would face Seahawks during one 3rd time going back to Seattle, and again withdrawing the inversion beating Seahawks 27-20 to become first equips the 8-8 to gain a play of finale. One week later, the RAM fell on their face and lost with the falcons of Atlanta in the divisional round 47-17. Maintaining in 2005, the RAMS are small ageing by little and what was in the past largest team on ground resembles to the old men now trying to dance with hip-hop. The RAMS will show gushing of progress here and there, but they just do not have the speed which they have in the past have, and Bulger marc of QB cannot do it all alone. The defense of RAMS does not have the force to close no matter whom.
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