Super Bowl Tickets

De Peyton name is now officially legendary inside. With the Colts finally demolishing their rivals of vault in Tom Brady and the patriots of the England News, equipping showed that it is the definition of which large strategist of NFL should be, and perhaps after February 4 in Miami it will show what it must be a superb champion of basin. Indianapolis howls with confidence and after it are incredibly difficult to cease the last victory of finale, it to equip and the superb basin Sunday with the offence of the company.

If the bears of Chicago never should have their defense examined to see how good they are really, it will be in the stage of dolphin this Sunday. Rex Grossman. Which season for Chicago supports, but which disappointment in a promising strategist. Grossman had certainly plays this season with the enormous promise and great play after great play, but like the season has carried above, all which we saw is interception after interception. This kid did not have any chance and any help of the media, because it seemed as a weekly routine so that Grossman obtains struck in local newspapers and criticized of all passions of football and the critical similar ones. So the bears to be gained as oppressed, they energy to need a great play of Grossman.

If there are pressure or hopes for the failure in this play one directs it well to the bears and Rex Grossman of Chicago. Positive side for Grossman, if it has the play of its life and takes the Trophy of Lombardi out of the hands of the preferred Colts of superb basin, it could be very well is the beginning of a new whole career for the four year old strategist, perhaps a new found confidence and some thing that Chicago really never had, a strategist dominating with the promise of the more Super Bowl

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