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At which point the Tennessee Titans had played the last years? Are they in value what the owners pay them? Let us see… In 2002, the Titans began the strong season with a victory of return 27-24 above the eagles of Philadelphia. However, Jevon Kearse suffered from the damage of foot which would force it to miss the major part of the season. Without Kearse, the Titans were in the trouble losing their four next plays. However, the Titans would rebound to gain their five next plays. After a loss 1-point on the road towards Baltimore Ravens, the Titans were to face a second right loss. The Tennessee Titans above with a strong completion just as they began the beginning of the season finishing a scratch 5-game profit which made it possible the Titans to capture the South lately made of AFC with a disc of 11-5.

They also gained a round first bye to them. Even with all their achievements, the Titans would not gain with any form of respect the remainder of the league, because they were the only team not to save with a representative a voyage in the pro basin. Dealing with Pittsburgh Steelers in the divisional the Titans would be put at the test while eddie George was struck out of the play early in the 3rd quarter with a shock and QB Steve McNair played by the badly wounded inch, because they play entered overtime attached to 31. In overtime, the Titans took the blow-of-foot of opening in bottom of the field when Joe Nedney struck 31-yards FG.

Because the fireworks celebrated the victory of Titans, the referees reigned the oxen had called time outside before the blow-of-foot. (Ugh!) On its second attempt, the blow-of-foot of Nedney would sail with far. However, Steelers would be claimed to run in the pulsar giving to Nedney another chance, which it nailed 26 yards to outside send to the Titans with the championship of AFC. (Finally!) Dealing with the robbers of Oakland on the road with voyage in the superb basin on the line the Titans seemed to be in the good late form in first half carrying out 17-14 on the road. However, two expensive awkwardness’s deeply in the territory of robbers gave to the robbers one 24-17 wire part-time.

The Tennessee Titans would not recover while the robbers continued to gain the play 41-24. In 2003, the Titans started the season by obtaining a measurement of revenge against the robbers on Oakland gaining an enthralling opener in the primetime 25-20. (you go from the types!) After having duplicated their four next plays the Titans gained a scratch 6-game profit while QB Steve McNair made the Titans one of higher offences in the NFL with seven of their the first 10 plays marking at least 30 points, in spite of the play with to pain conformed by a variety of damage. The damage would catch until McNair while it missed 2 of the last 3 plays after the hopes of Titans to gain the title of division were lost in a loss 29-27 with the Colts in Colisé in week 14. Nevertheless, the Tennessee Titans would have one season successful to enter the finales like character of ambiguity with a full disc 12-4. The dead season would prove that turbulent for the Titans bus Eddie George and Jevon Kearse were forced to be left go make at the ends of hat of wages while frank Wycheck was forced to withdraw because of the continuous problems of shock. In 2004, the new Titans of glance would begin the season earlier then envisaged when a forthcoming movement of hurricane in Miami moved their opener of season of Sunday to Saturday, the beginning early would not carry out the Titans which stopped the dolphins for a full victory 17-7.

However, they fought hard for their victories. Their victories did not come easy for them. They dropped their three next plays while QB Steve McNair suffered by one season from the badgering damage which would limit it to Just eight plays and would have it to contemplate the retirement. Without their MVP McNair it seemed as if the air had been left out of the balloon while the Titans supported the one disappointing season 5-11 their worse since moving in Tennessee. After the disappointing season the Tennessee Titans continued to make a youth movement as several principal players including/understanding Samari Rolle, Kevin Charretier and André Dyson was left go (bye!) Maintaining in 2005, the body of Steve McNair had all which it can take. More contusions and of him will be ready for the old age at the house! The remainder of the team is not well better as a team, which was a strong team 2 years ago, was now destroyed by the hat of wages. You at a long dull year for the Titans wait.

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