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Expos were an immediate blow with the door in Montreal, although they lost 110 plays in their inaugural season. By 1973 they were a candidate for the title is NL but, at the end, could not catch up with the Mets. The director that the GEN Mauch, however, had mentored a team which was healthy on the fundamental principles and defense. Mauch could not completely complete its mission, however, and was put fire after one season 1975 disappointing. 1977 launched a new era for Expos while they entered the roomy Olympic stage with a young role charged which included the Beginner of NL of the year André Dawson, Warren Cromartie, Gary Charretier, and Larry Parrish.

This core would transform Montreal into candidate eternal. By 1979 Expos were in the thick one of the race of division until the end, finishing in the second place with the unquestionable pirates of champion of the world by a simple play. Montreal remained a higher candidate and in 1981 the split season made the finales. After forwarding of Philadelphia in the final of division Expos met embusqués in the NLCS. In the TH 5 and the decisive play in Montreal, the ‘ S Rick Monday broke one 8th tie of turn of beater with a race of house of the hearts of S to break Montreal ‘. This era of Expos would never come still thus close from traditional from autumn.

In 1987 Expos had an additional roof at the Olympic stage, which posed more problems than it solved because it was not only defective, but stopped the ventilators of Montreal which appreciated the external baseball. The assistance bent, just as above the execution of field. In 1994 there was a Rebirth of baseball in Montreal because Expos announced the best disc of the baseball of August 74-40 12 when the season stop above a conflict of work. The concession never recovered this treason of the ventilators and could not compete with the economic landscape which followed the new agreement. After years of futility Expos moved in Washington to begin the play in 2005 as nationals. The capital of the nation appreciated one contractual season of finale and answered with crowd record.

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