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In 2000 ,the Washington RedSkins that with the addition of the free grinders of Deion of agents and Bruce Smith the RedSkins were the favorite by the majority of the experts as regards sport to make the superb basin. However, the Red Skins seemed to fall in bottom from the hill though they gained six their eight first. With the brad Johnson wound the major part of 2nd half of the skins started to test problems and fell out of the first place by 4 losers of their 5 next plays. In always the hunting of finale to 7-6, the RedSkins were embarrasses of their coach Norv Turner. The movement pétarderait while the skins lost their two next under the trainer Terry Robiskie, before gaining their finale of season to finish with a disc 8-8. After the season Marty Schottenheimer was rented as the trainer and a GM, while it rented the major part of his family to help it. I was always thought that you should never not mix the businesses and the family, but let to us look at to see whether that functions well for the Washington RedSkins.

In 2001, the brad Johnson of QB left, the Red Skins turned in Jeff George. George fought early and was opposed with the coach Marty Schottenhimer, before to be put fire after a terrible play 37-0 to the packers in the green compartment. The loss dropped the Washington RedSkins to 0-2, because the skins lost their first two plays by shared items 67-3. Under new Elegances banks of QB the Washington RedSkins would lose, their three next before a remarkable form come behind the victory in overtime against the panthers from the Caroline. The victory above the panthers would start a scratch of profit of five plays like skins assembled to the 500. The remainder in the manner the red skins would be in top and bottom matched with the victories and loses to finish with a disc 8-8. In 2002, the old trainer obtained initialization and their new trainer Steve Spurrier would come to the Red Skins as a one from the largest trainers in football from university, with the name to be wounding Enstein.

Its efforts did not make much and the Red Skins announced a disc of 7-9, which unloaded them in the 3rd place in the east of NFC. The season it where the Red Skins celebrated to them seventieth birthday because a concession of NFL would mark the end of the career of Green de Darrell of CB, as a future Hall of Famer withdrawn after a stellar career 20-year with the Red Skins. In 2003, the Washington RedSkins plundered New York Voyage out of jet for several principal players adding WR Leveranues Coles, km No John Hall, and Kr Chad Morton by the free agency. Because the fact would have it, they would meet their former team while the NFL gave a kick the season to far with a special opener of Thursday the field ex of Federal the ED. Coles would have 106 yards to receive while John Hall nailed gaining it of play with 5 second left while the skins began the season with a full victory 16-13.

One week later the Red Skins showed their capacities with the return recovering of a deficit 17-0 early on the road as Patrick Ramsey last 356 yards of which 180 were with its new receiver preferred Leveranues Coles in a victory 33-31. After losing with the giants of New York in overtime the Red Skins seemed full still in a victory 20-17 above the patriots with the England News who had them with far with a full beginning 3-1. Ramsey started to have problems at once and the Red Skins lost their four next plays. After a victory 27-20 above Seattle Seahawks that the skins slip continued as Patrick Ramsey under pressure all the season was forced with the touchlines with a wounded foot. The Washington RedSkins would gain just more play the remainder of the season finishing in the 3rd place with a disc 5-11 disappointing.

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