Green Bay Packers Tickets

NFL football is not the most exciting of Green Bay Packers tickets. The Packers were packing in football stadiums for a long time and their fans, affectionately known as Cheeseheads, can be found right across the country. For any fan of football, Green Bay Packers tickets are a treat to see some very special football.

The Green Bay Packers play for the National Football League and play in the National Football Conference and the NFC North. They play their home games at Lambeau Field and an impressive array of championship wins to their name. The Packers have won twelve League championships, three Super Bowls, eighteen Division Conference titles and eight championship titles.

Just another small town team

It is hard to believe that a power like the Green Bay Packers were once only a small town team. Actually, the Packers are the last of the “small teams of city and the oldest team name that is still in use in the NFL. The Packers officially joined the professional league in 1921 and have played consistently throughout their career.

One of the reasons why Green Bay Packers tickets are so hard because it came on the level of their game is a cut above the rest. The Packers currently hold the NFL record for most wins League Championship. They also won the first two AFL-NFL championship games that took place after the big merger. They won three straight NFL titles two times in a row and their 1992 season, which had 13 non-losing seasons in a row with their worst season record to 8-8 in 1999.

Cheeseheads United

If you think that these Green Bay Packers tickets will be easy to obtain, it is better to think again. Although the Packers have the smallest TV markets in NFL are one of the biggest fan bases in the League. These fans are known as Cheeseheads, a name that comes from signing wearing hats that resemble block triangular cheese. The name was first used as an insult, but it turned into something totally different.

The Cheeseheads take their Green Bay Packers tickets and their loyalty very seriously. Every single Packers game held at Lambeau Field since 1960 has been sold and the team has the distinction of being the longest waiting list for season tickets, with the 2007 figures touching 74000. The waiting list is currently about 35 years, it is not unusual for fans to test their subscriptions Packers will rise or even newborn children on the waiting list.

The Packers also have a number of traditions, which are still followed today, including the practice of allowing young Packers’ fans let their bicycles around players from dressing room to the field. This was started many years ago, to strengthen the relationship between the young fans and players. The Lambeau Leap is followed even today, which consists of a player leaping into the end zone after scoring a touchdowns by patted on the back by fans. You can watch the Packers play ordering Green Bay Packers tickets online through an authorized ticket.

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