Seattle Seahawks Tickets

With the NFL season coming close to the end of the season, Seattle Seahawks tickets are in high demand. Here are some suggestions to help ticket to get the most bang for your buck.

Seattle Seahawks are set to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, September 9 at Qwest Field, the 2007 home opener. High demand for open house NFL results in an increase in the value of resale of tickets. Fan eagerly waiting for the beginning of a new season, it is generally more secure tickets and soon, as history has shown, once again increase the prices of supplies begins to decline. The growing secondary market ticket event, estimated at about $ 10-12 billion annually, provides access to fans with games sold out all seats and premium long season.

According to the official website Seahawks, every regular season game and the FA Qwest Field since the second week of the season 2003 for a total of 35 consecutive games, was played before a sellout crowd. Qwest Field, home of the Seahawks, contains seating for 67000 people, the group has about 62000 season ticket holders, leaving 5000 single game tickets available for the general public.

Ticket tips:

No matter where you are sitting guaranteed to hear the action and excitement. Qwest stadium has been called “the house of false starts”, as is currently the stadium in the NFL strong, thanks to the fans, which are also referred to as’ the 12 ° man. ”

The best value seats are often in the north, 100 level Hawks Nest seats. The only catch is, there is a trend back to his post as Hawks Nest is made of metal desks, which often stomp on fans to create more noise. Forecasts in Hawks Nest almost always calls for the occasional ‘Miller Lite Shower “, as if not mind a turbulent crowd, this is the section for you.

Most of the 300 level sections best offer for every dollar spent view and are a good way to see a play develop while enjoying a view of the mountains and the sea. In each section, the seat numbers are below his right in front of the field and, even if the 200 level seats are cushioned and protected from the rain, the low level of 300 is probably a better view for less money.

Call or go online on the day of the event, depending on the ticket supply, the secondary market has often last minute ticket deals and sometimes have very cheap tickets for those willing to be patient. It also helps to sign up for ticket information mailing list. Newsletters are also an excellent way to be informed of all upcoming events in your area and often include subscriber only specials.

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