Boston Red Sox

Manny Ramirez says he will be in Fort Myers for the Boston Red sox February 21. Ramirez expressed excitement and anticipation for the next season of baseball. It seems that he has his sights set on the Redsox reveals that he is worth his $ 20 million option for 2009. He also does not seem to have any indication of the good life shortly after his current contract expires. He has publicly declared that wants to emulate Julio Franco, who played until his late 40s.The stoic Ramirez also was not shy about his appreciation of the workout facility, Athletes’ Performance. Darryl Still, Ramirez’s conditioning supervisor, Ramirez praised for its full participation in off-season conditioning. Ramirez has shown five days a week for two hours workouts. However, Ramirez does not join the strike program in Arizona State. He has chosen to wait until spring training to work with a sledgehammer.Manny Ramirez, but is not the only player news for the Red Sox. Sean Casey will be serving as the Red Sox’s basic backup before this season after agreeing to one-year deal worth about $ 800000. That deal has been agreed in principle and is pending a physical examination sometimes very soon.

Casey is 33 years and is a left-handed hitter. He will replace Eric Hinske but he does not play the outfield position. Casey will be the backup Youkilis and can also serve as a left-handed pinch hitter. It ‘a three-time National League All-Star who played with the Cincinnati Reds for the better part of his career. His reputation is that of a very competent fielder, with the ability to hit decent. He is also known to have had a series of physical problems throughout his career.

The Detroit Tigers opted not to keep Casey. Last season gave them .296 with four home runs, 30 doubles and 54 RBIs in 143 games. By comparison, gave Cincinnati .301 with 130 homers and 718 RBIs over 11 seasons. Detroit, had decided to go to shortstop Carlos Guillen first base and Casey said he would not be back. The Tigers then resumed Edgar Renteria from Atlanta to fill their empty place at shortstop.

Youkilis played 135 matches at first base last season. Eric Hinske supported him, but the first will not be signed for the new season. The Red Sox now have a better option. They can switch to third base for Youkilis Mike Lowell’s relief. Lowell was the 2007 World Series MVP and has played 154 matches last year. With their core largely intact, the Boston Red sox look all together to defend their crown. Ramirez and Casey are just two of the players who will help them achieve this goal. A big part of their team championship will still be there, to help keep the crown. We hope that this will be another exciting season from a team that is almost the stuff of legends.

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