Cubs Tickets

The Chicago Cubs also known as the Cubs enjoy huge fan following and thus there is a large demand for Cubs tickets during the season. The Chicago Cubs are a professional baseball team based in Chicago, Illinois. The boys are members and supporters of the Central Division of Major League Baseball in the National League. The first game was played by the club in 1916 at Wrigley Field.

The profits and losses

The great demand of the Cubs tickets can be compared with the early successes of the clubs, a 9756 record of victories for a franchise in a city through the 2004 season. Nicknames such as the Cubbies, the Cubs are currently managed by Lou Pini Ella. As part of executives ship the chance to Cubs won four flags and two World Series title in a span of five years. The Cubs again won the 1907 and 1908. The Cubs, however, lost the World Series until 1945 and still has not been able to recover past that the loss. In 1984 the Cubs again failed to bring the World Series and were defeated by the San Diego Padres. The expectations rose to the Cubs in 2002 after a wild card run in 2001, but she could not content for the World Series. The year 2004 was not big either and finished with only 55 victories.

The Cubs have won the National League championships in 1906, 1907, 1908, 1910, 1918, 1929, 1932, 1935, 1938 and 1945.

The mascot of the Cubbies

The official Cub began as a young cub beer. However, the Cubbies mascot has several changes over the years.

The Fan – The Cubs

Although the Cubs have, through ups and downs in his career, nor do they have enjoyed great fan following. The only time the Cubs have a back to back to win was in 1972 and 1973 and then in the years 2003 and 2004. Despite the low profits of the Cubs remains one of the most popular League teams and their official participation, the Cubs regularly in the top-10.

The star player Cub

Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers and Frank Chance were three legendary Cubs, infielders, played from 1903 to 1912 and were the core of the dominant baseball team. Other key members Mordecai Brown, Ed Reul Bach, Jack Taylor (20th century baseball player), Jack Pfiester and Orval Overall.

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Angels Tickets

Have you got your Angels tickets as yet? If you haven’t, you are going to miss out on great baseball game action. Based in Anaheim, California, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are a professional baseball team. They are a member of the Western Division of Major League Baseball’s American League. Their unusual name has originated from their home city, Los Angeles. Also nicknamed “the Halos”, the Angels have been using the Angel Stadium of Anaheim as their ballpark since 1966. Currently, the Angels are the reigning American League West Champions.

What’s In A Name

The Angels club was founded in Los Angeles in 1961. It underwent several name changes from California Angels to Anaheim Angels to their current name, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 2005. None of this discouraged their fans, who bought Angels tickets to watch the team play. The Angels relocated to LA after the Browns were turned down during the Word War II period.

Angels And Los Angeles

1961 was the first year of the Angels as a major league expansion team in LA. They played their home games at the Dodger Stadium from where they moved to the Anaheim Stadium [nicknamed The Big A] in 1966. Notable players in that period were Clyde Wright, Ken McBride, Jim Fregosi, Albie Pearson, Leon Wagner, and Buck Rodgers.

Down The Memory Lane, Ryan Express

The 1970s were mediocre years except for Ryan’s feats that gave him the nickname of Ryan Express. Later, Ryan chose to become a free agent. The Angels did not win any championship till 1979, when they won their first American League West Division championship. For the game, Don Baylor was awarded the American League Most Valuable Player award. Other contributors to the team were Bert Campaneris, Bobby Grich Rod Carew and Dan Ford. These players drew baseball lovers who bought Angels tickets to watch their favorite players play.

In the 1982 postseason, the Angels clinched their second AL West championship and narrowly missed the 1986 World Series primarily due an error known as the infamous Bill Buckner error. The Angels did not qualify for the playoffs for the next 16 years. For most of the 1990s, the Angels suffered a downslide and suffered the worst collapse in franchise history in 1995. Tragedies such as Bostock’s murder and Moore’s suicide further added to the woes of the Angels.

Fans Who Had Bought Angels Tickets Faced Much Disappointment.

Team uniforms underwent changes in 1997 and logos designed by the Disney Studios were added to the jerseys, a style much ridiculed by Angels fans. The team reverted to its earlier uniform in 2002. A year before that, the Rally Monkey also became Angels unofficial mascot.

Angels In the 21st Century

After many ups and downs, Angels’ World Series victory in 2002 gave the team some new confidence. In 2003, Disney sold the Angels to Arturo “Arte” Moreno. About this time, the Angels were caught up in legal hassles for marketing themselves to Los Angeles. They were sued by a jury trial but they won the legal battle.

Vladimir Guerrero led the Angels to a fourth American League West championship in 2004. For his efforts, he was awarded American League Most Valuable Player Award. The Angels went on to fight the New York Yankees and White Sox on the baseball field in 2005. The 2007 season went well too as the team clinched theirs sixth division title and seventh overall playoff berth in its history.

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Phillies Tickets

Phillies tickets are on sale and if you are a fan you might want to book them in advance to avoid being disappointed. Make plans to enjoy a few great games at the Citizens Bank Park with your buddies while watching your home team repeat last season’s performance. Fans rejoiced when they got one up on the Mets taking home the divisional title. The team is all set to do even better this season spurred on by their win which making fans hope they will win the World Series this season.Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies are one of the oldest teams in baseball history. They were formed in 1883 as the Philadelphia Quakers and are members of the Eastern Division of the National League. The team boasts of 32 Hall of Fame players including Cy Young and Mike Schmidt. Curt Simmons, Richie Ashburn, Granny Hammer, Eddie Waitkus, Andy Seminick and Del Ennis are just a few of the players who have wooed fans over the years. The team has played in various ballparks but currently its home ballpark is baseball-only Citizens Bank ballpark. This park was inaugurated in 2004 and can seat up to 43,000 people.

The team made history last season for two reasons; they lost their 10,000th game and finally won the divisional title after more than 10 years! Fans who stuck with them through these rough years were finally rewarded for their faithfulness. The demand for Phillies tickets towards the end of the season was amazing!

2008 season promises to be exciting, the team is under the management of Charlie Manuel. Ryan Howard is set to break more records if he can and the team has a great line up this season. Brett Meyers, Freddie Garcia, Tom Gordon, Brad Lidge, Kyle Kendrick, Carlos Ruiz, Chase Utley, Greg Dobbs, and Jimmy Rollins are geared up to give this season their best.

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Rangers Tickets

Texas Rangers baseball tickets have always enjoyed huge demand owing to the team’s all round performance and some of the best unparalleled performances. Texas Rangers are a professional baseball team based in Arlington, Texas, United States, and are a member of the Western Division of Major League Baseball’s American League. The team has played in the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington from 1994 till date.

Texas Rangers” The Origin And History The club was founded in 1961 in Washington D.C. and was originally known as the Washington Senators. The team then moved to Arlington in 1972 and came to be known as the Rangers. Like the other three teams; Tampa Bay Ray, Washington Nationals and Seattle Mariners, the Texas Rangers has also not played in the World series yet, since they have never won a league championship.

The team played its first game in April 1972, but lost the game to the California Angels. After the first season, Whitey Herzog took over as the new manager from Ted Williams but was replaced by Billy Martin in 1973. In 1974, the Rangers were the only MLB team to finish over .500 after a two back-to back 100-loss seasons. In the same year, Billy Martin was named the Manager of the Year, Mike Hargrove was named the AL Rookie of the Year, Jeff Burroughs was named the AL Most Valuable Player and Ferguson Jenkins was named the Comeback Player of the year.

The team had excellent performances in the year 1977-79, but after 1981 there were no winnings for another five seasons. Also, during this period, the Rangers faced attendance problems leading to a sharp fall in the Texas Rangers tickets sale. The year 1986 saw the beginning of winnings with the help of rookies like Ruben Sierra and Pete Incaviglia.

Finally, the team saw success in the 1990s. In 1995, the Rangers won the game against the Yankees, which was their first and till date, the only play-off victory owing to powerful hitters with Ivan Rodri­guez, Will Clark, Mark McLemore, Dean Palmer, Rusty Greer, Juan Gonzalez and Mickey Tettleton. In the year 1999, Nolan Ryan became the first player of the Rangers to have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Rangers struggled through 2002 during which the team’s manager Jerry Narron was fired following the season and was replaced by a seasoned manager, Buck Showalter. During 2004, they played against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Oakland Athletics and finished at the third place behind the Angels and the A’s.

The team fought for consistency in the year 2005. The following year also landed them with a not-so-impressive 80-82 record and they finished third in the American League West. Texas Rangers Baseball Tickets” Book Your Tickets Through An Authorized Ticket Broker! It is always advisable to book the Texas Rangers baseball tickets with an authorized ticket broker. Just for a small fee, the brokers give you the convenience of booking tickets online with the click of a mouse. Not only can you have the convenience of booking the tickets from the comfort of your home or office, but you can also have them delivered right at your doorstep.

Yankees Tickets

Buy Yankees Tickets to watch the New York Yankees, also referred to as Americans which was originally established as a professional baseball team in the year 1901 in Baltimore, Maryland as the Baltimore Orioles. The team was originally based in the borough of the Botox, in New York City, New York. In 1903, the team moved to New York City and came to be known as the New York Highlanders. The team eventually got the name- Yankees in 1913; in reference to the fact that the team was a member of the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball’s American League.
New York Yankees originally played in Oriole Park in Baltimore during the year 1901 -1902. The team then moved to the Hilltop Park (earlier known as American League Park) during the year 1903 to 1912. In the year 1913, the team shifted base to the Polo Grounds and in 1923 moved to Yankee stadium. Yankee games have always been a spectacular show for anyone who would buy yankee tickets to cheer the leaders of the game!

The Yankee Dress Code

Often referred to as the Bombers due their massive victories, the team’s logo was always a variation of a stylized N and Y. The New York Yankees have been notoriously famous for ensuring a very strict dress code wherein players with long hair and facial hair below the lip were prohibited. Also, as a policy, visible tattoos were prohibited and the players wore navy blue arm bands to cover them.

Awards and Victories

Out of the 39 appearances made by the Yankees, they have won 26 World Series. Following the Yankees are the St. Louis Cardinals with 10 World Series victories. Also, it is noteworthy that in the World Series, the Yankees have played against every National League pennant winner except the Colorado Rockies and the Houston Astros.

The Players

During 1923-1935, the team’s success came from Red Sox whose players were traded for huge sums. One such player was a pitcher turned outfielder named Babe Ruth. Other important newcomers during the same period were- manager Miller Huggins and general manager Ed Barrow. One of the major league records was set by Casey Stengel, under whose aegis, the Yankees won the world series for five consecutive times (1949-1953). With players like center fielder Mickey Mantle, pitcher Whitey Ford and catcher Yogi Berra, Stengel’s team won seven World Series titles and 10 pennants, in his twelve seasons as the Yankees manager.

Fan Following Of The Yankees

The Yankees have been one of the most popular sports teams with their continued success since the 1920s. In the year 1920, more than a million Yankees fans attended the game at Polo Grounds and it was in the year 1946 at the Yankee Stadium that for the first time the fan following rose to more than 2 million. Setting the American League Record, the Yankees drew more than 4 million fans in 2005 to their own ballpark.

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Red Sox Tickets

Boston Red Sox swept the AL West champion Angels in the Division Series, Game 3 win by a score of 8-6. Then on an extended rematch in 2004 in the American League Championship Series against their bitter rivals: the New York Yankees. Boston Red Sox was history-makers, always the first team in Major League Baseball history from a 3-0 deficit. Boston Red Sox won the 2004 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, a team that had the best record in the major leagues and was defeated that in the past. The last game was the Cardinals at shortstop Edgar Renteria to clock 11:40, in the middle of a lunar eclipse. Boston Red Sox won baseball’s World Cup for the first time in 86 years. Ramirez was MVP of the series.
Boston Red Sox held a parade or in Boston Mayor Thomas Menino words, they have for a “rolling rally” on Saturday, 30 October, 2004. More than 3 million members of the “Red Sox Nation” filled the streets of Boston to cheer as the team went Duck Tours. Boston Red Sox was the Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year.

Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox Hall with the echoes of great baseball players: Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Jimmy Collins, Duffy Lewis, Tris Speaker, Harry Hooper, Joe Cronin, Bobby Doerr, Johnny nervtötenden, Ted Williams, Jimmie Foxx, Carlton Fisk, Jim Rice and Carl Yastrzemski, to name just a few. There remains the same, how much it was the day of the opening on 20 April 1912. The park is actually her second home. The Americans Boston to one of the charter members of the young American League in 1901 and played the ball in Huntington Avenue Grounds, now a part of Northeastern University’s campus. In 1904, Boston Globe owner General Charles Henry Taylor bought the team for his son John Taylor, I. the association changed the name to Red Sox in 1907. Tired of the lease agreement for the Avenue Grounds, Taylor decided to build a park for the team name is Fenway Park because of its location in the Fenway section of Boston.

Edgar Renteria upgrades to the champs, and they have replaced two starting pitchers with three: Matt Clement, Wade Miller and one-time Fenway villain David Wells. Jason Varitek is back, and it is very likely that this team is better than its predecessor. GM Theo Epstein has a big step towards the formation of teams for 2007 season and has managed to rope in Japanese superstar pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. Jonathan Papelbon will be the starter for this season. Further additions are Keith Foulke, the star of the World Series 2004, Hideki Okajima, the Japanese lefty reliever used to be the Yomiuri Giants and lefty JC Romero from Puerto Rica. Reliever Joel Pineiro has a 1-year contract with them. Relief pitcher Runelvys Hernandez, Joe McEwing infielder and outfielder Kerry Robinson has also signed minor league contract with the team. Mark Loretta was replaced by Houston and Alex Gonzalez was replaced by Julio Lugo.

The hot favourites are Joel Piñeiro, Brendan Donnelly, Devern Hansack, JC Romero, Craig Hansen, Manny Delcarmen, Mike Timlin and Julian Tavarez, while on the other hand, Jonathon Papelbon, the starter of the team will return to his role as closer. Boston Red Sox defeated met in a recent match held on March 7 Scoring-9 on a Grand Slam as against 5 of MET.

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Dodgers Tickets

The eternal loyalty of the fans is obvious how Dodgers baseball tickets purchased hectic. Most of them want to return to the Dodgers Stadium in the enjoyment of the games in the company of other like-minded fans.
Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers baseball tickets are selling like hot cakes, although the team is not as satisfactory performance in the 2007 season. The Dodgers are in Brooklyn and are one of the oldest teams were formed, as the Brooklyn Bridegrooms in 1884. They were also known as the Brooklyn Dodgers. Walter OMalley bought the team and she moved to Los Angeles in 1957 changed and the team s name to Los Angeles Dodgers. The teams new ballpark, the Dodgers Stadium was built in 1962 and remains one of the most popular baseball stadiums. The team he took fans By winning the League flags in 1963, 1964 and 1965. It also won the World Series in 1965. The team very well in the next two decades to win World Series championships (1955, 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981 and 1988 and several Division title. The 1990s saw the team win the National League Rookie of the Year Award 5 times consecutively from 1992-1996. The team was purchased by Rupert Murdoch in the 90s and in 2004 Frank McCourt was the teams new owners.

Dodgers tickets are in great demand as people want to see their favorite team, to the playoffs this season. New manager Joe Torre and new members Andruw Jones and Hiroki Kuroda, the hopes for a better performance. Matt Kemp, Russ Martin, James Loney, Brad Penny, Derek Lowe, Chad Billingsley and are touted and are expected to turn around the team luck. It is no wonder that people do not want to go home disappointed and instead want to be where the action is watching the games, with the best secured Dodgers baseball tickets.

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