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The Atlanta Braves are a Major League Baseball team, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1966. The team competes in the East Division of the National League. The Braves have the honour to win their division title 14 times in a row starting with 1991 and ends in 2005, omitting the strike-shortened 1994 season in which no division champions were officially crowned. Overall, the Braves were successfully divisional application win 16 titles, nine National League flags and three World Series championships (1914, 1957 and 1995). The Braves have the distinction of being one of only two remaining charter members left in the National League with the Chicago Cubs.
The Boston History 1871-1913 Cincinnati Baseball Club was the sponsor of the first professional baseball team in 1869. After the 1870 season, it was dissolved by voting. Cincinnati Red Stockings player-manager Harry Wright, along with his brother George and two other Cincinnati players to Boston, Massachusetts. They formed the core of the Boston Red Stockings, a charter member of the National Association of Professional Base Ball player.

1914: wonder: Two years later, the Braves were successful in building one of the memorable seasons in baseball history. The Braves were on pace for a last place after a dismal 4-18 start. They lost both games a double header on the Brooklyn Dodgers in July 4.1914. After the loss consecutively, the Braves were in last place with their record at 26-40. They were 15 games behind the league-leading New York Giants. However, the Braves won 41 games and lost 12 games, 4 July-September 7 The Braves moved into first place after beating the New York Giants on 7 September and 8 September.

The Braves claimed 1915-1953 for most of 1915 and 1916. Only two non-losing records by Braves from 1917 to 1932. Judge Emil Fuchs bought the team in 1923 to bring his longtime friend, pitching great Christy Mathewson back into the game. However, Mathewson died in 1925, Fuchs, the control of the team.Fuchs was committed to building a winner but it took a while to the damage from the years before his arrival. Under manager Bill McKechnie, the Braves finally managed to have competition in 1933 and 1934.

Fuch was facing financial crisis at this time owing to the world economic crisis. Fox developed a deal with the New York Yankees, as he was looking for a way to attract more fans and more money. He was successful in procuring Babe Ruth, had ironically, began his career with the Red Sox. Ruth was crazy Vice President made the team with a share of the profits from Braves fox.

1990s: Successes and stars in the middle of the 1990 season, Cox back into the dugout as a manager. He replaces Russ Nixon. The year was finished with the worst record in baseball by the Braves. They traded Dale Murphy to the Philadelphia Phillies after it was clear he was sentenced to a less dominant player. However, young pitcher Tom Glavine, Steve Avery and John Smoltz started the training by pitching coach Leo Mazzone. That same year, the Braves used the number one overall pick in the Major League Baseball draft to select Chipper Jones, would be a star player.

The Braves made the most important step in the front office. John Schuerholz was set away from the Kansas City Royals as general manager immediately after the season.

The following season, Glavine, Avery, and Smoltz have been successful in earning the recognition as the best young pitchers in the league. They wong 52 games between them.

Meanwhile, the Braves were successful in overcoming a slow start behind position players Dave Justice, Ron Gant and unexpected League Most Valuable Player and batting gloves champion Terry Pendleton. She won 8 of last 9, the edge of the Los Angeles Dodgers by a game in one of baseball history’s more memorable playoff race. They defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates in a tightly contested seven NLCS game to lose, only the World Series, also in seven games, the Minnesota Twins.

Many consider this series to one of the largest ever. It was the first time that a team had finished last in its division one years went to the World Series the next, both the Twins and Braves have the honour of completing the feat.

2005: A new generation in 2005, the Atlanta Braves were the winners of the Eastern Division championship. They won this championship for the eleventh year in a row from 1995 to 2005. This was followed by winning the Western Division championship three times from 1991 to 1993, before the 1994 player’s strike.

Catcher Brian McCann, Jeff Fielder right Fran Coeur, and pitcher Kyle Davies all grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta. The large number of Rookies to debut in 2005 were the nickname “Baby Braves” of fans. It was an Atlanta-area sensation. This helped them to lead the club to a record height of 90-72.

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