Yankees Tickets

Buy Yankees Tickets to watch the New York Yankees, also referred to as Americans which was originally established as a professional baseball team in the year 1901 in Baltimore, Maryland as the Baltimore Orioles. The team was originally based in the borough of the Botox, in New York City, New York. In 1903, the team moved to New York City and came to be known as the New York Highlanders. The team eventually got the name- Yankees in 1913; in reference to the fact that the team was a member of the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball’s American League.
New York Yankees originally played in Oriole Park in Baltimore during the year 1901 -1902. The team then moved to the Hilltop Park (earlier known as American League Park) during the year 1903 to 1912. In the year 1913, the team shifted base to the Polo Grounds and in 1923 moved to Yankee stadium. Yankee games have always been a spectacular show for anyone who would buy yankee tickets to cheer the leaders of the game!

The Yankee Dress Code

Often referred to as the Bombers due their massive victories, the team’s logo was always a variation of a stylized N and Y. The New York Yankees have been notoriously famous for ensuring a very strict dress code wherein players with long hair and facial hair below the lip were prohibited. Also, as a policy, visible tattoos were prohibited and the players wore navy blue arm bands to cover them.

Awards and Victories

Out of the 39 appearances made by the Yankees, they have won 26 World Series. Following the Yankees are the St. Louis Cardinals with 10 World Series victories. Also, it is noteworthy that in the World Series, the Yankees have played against every National League pennant winner except the Colorado Rockies and the Houston Astros.

The Players

During 1923-1935, the team’s success came from Red Sox whose players were traded for huge sums. One such player was a pitcher turned outfielder named Babe Ruth. Other important newcomers during the same period were- manager Miller Huggins and general manager Ed Barrow. One of the major league records was set by Casey Stengel, under whose aegis, the Yankees won the world series for five consecutive times (1949-1953). With players like center fielder Mickey Mantle, pitcher Whitey Ford and catcher Yogi Berra, Stengel’s team won seven World Series titles and 10 pennants, in his twelve seasons as the Yankees manager.

Fan Following Of The Yankees

The Yankees have been one of the most popular sports teams with their continued success since the 1920s. In the year 1920, more than a million Yankees fans attended the game at Polo Grounds and it was in the year 1946 at the Yankee Stadium that for the first time the fan following rose to more than 2 million. Setting the American League Record, the Yankees drew more than 4 million fans in 2005 to their own ballpark.

Authorized Yankees Tickets – Buy Yankees Tickets For A Spectacular Show!

There is always a rush for the New York Yankees tickets due to their spectacular winning history. Therefore, it is always safer to buy yankee tickets through an authorized ticket broker as it offers the convenience of having the tickets delivered to your doorstep without having to wait in endless queues, that too at the risk of missing an interesting game. So, if you wish to have a thrilling experience of watching the invincible Yankees win the game, buy Yankees tickets and witness the phenomena live!


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