Rays Tickets

Tampa Bay Ray tickets are always in huge demand because of the team popularity and consistent performance over the years. Tampa Bay Rays are a professional baseball team based in St. Petersburg, Florida and a member of the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball’s American League. The Tampa Bay Ray team is one of the youngest baseball franchises and is one of the four teams have never played in the World Series. The other teams have not played the World Series yet, the Texas Rangers, Washington Nationals and the Seattle Mariners.
The origin of the Tampa Bay Radiation

Since its founding, the team was known as the Devil Rays and had also Manta Ray as their nicknames. The franchise of the team received in 1995 and Chuck Lamar was appointed the team as Senior Vice President of Baseball and General Manager. The team acquired 35 players in the Expansion Draft on 18 November 1997 with Tony Saunders of the Florida Marlins, as the first player. Before the 1998 season, other star players like Wade Boggs, Fred McGriff and Wilson Alvarez were acquired, enjoyed huge fan following, it urges the Tampa Bay Rays sell tickets.

Ups and Downs of the Tampa Bay Ray

The first game played by the radiation was at 31 March 1998, against the Detroit Tigers in the Tropicana area. Despite a good start, the team lost, falling under .500. Since then, the team finished last in the American League East from 1998 “2003. Although the team acquired sluggers Vinny Castilla and Greg Vaughn and outfielder Ben Grieve, the team has not about their struggle as the players inducted were also past their prime. In 2002, the team decided to take a younger player like Randy Winn, Aubrey Huff, Toby Hall and Carl Crawford, as central players. If the team into the 2004 season, the expectations from the team were low. However, the team surprised all by finishing with the best record in their own history  “70-91. It was the first time that the radiation won 70 games in a season and also finished in fourth place in the American League East.

In 2005, Stuart Sternberg, bought the ownership of the team in 2004 fired Chuck Lamar. During this time, the team focused on his younger players such as outfielders Carl Crawford, Rocco Baldelli and Jonny Gomes, Jorge Cantu infielder and pitcher Scott Kazmir. The Rays fans had great expectations for the 2006 season and the official attendance at Tropicana Field was 40199, which was the highest turnout since the Inaugural Season home opener in 1998 with a huge sale of Tampa Bay Ray tickets. Unfortunately, the team finished the season with a 61-101 record, the worst in major league history.

With STAR cans as James Shields and Scott Kazmirthe, comeback player of the year, Carlos and others like BJ Upton, All-Star Carl Crawford, Rookies Delmon Young and Akinori Iwamura, the Devil Rays were among the best baseball Inning six teams.

The colors, logo and mascot of the Tampa Bay Rays

The team of the mascot was a six-foot, six-inch (152 mm) seadog named Raymond. ” The new team colors are white, navy blue, Columbia blue and a touch of gold. The team’s new logo features a bright yellow sun touches to the Sunshine State of Florida.

Authorized Tampa Bay radiation tickets

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