Boston College Eagles Football Tickets

The Boston College Eagles College Football Team was founded in 1892, when the college decided until the team at the request of Joseph John O’Connell and drum, the latter to the team’s first coach. Since its founding in the team has proved itself as a mighty opponent, we were with many of its games under its longstanding rival, the College of the Holy Cross and the University of Notre Dame. The team was also high rank in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) placements in recent years
In addition, the Boston College Eagles were among the country’s best among college football teams for academic achievement, collected with the highest mark possible in the polls for the College Football Team of the Academic Progress Rate. (APR) In addition, Boston College is proud of his players from the roster of the team over the years, which eventually make a significant contribution to professional football, one of those players who stood, and the Tigers a competitive team is Doug Flutie, which was as a legend in Boston College football history.

With headquarters in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, the Eagles were playing at Alumni Stadium in the Boston College campus grounds since 1957, when the stadium was opened as a replacement for the smaller Alumni Field grounds nearby.

Important moments and successes

Throughout its history, the Boston College Eagles have appeared in a record of 19 post-season bowl appearances. The team last bowl appearance was 2007 at the Champs Sports Bowl, when he defeated the Michigan State Spartans for the title. This victory would also mark the Eagles “8 straight bowl victory, a winning series record, which by itself is unprecedented in college football history.

In addition, Boston College has also managed to hook a conference title, if it is a member of the Big East Conference. As a member of the ACC, the team has managed to win the conference of the Atlantic Division championship in 2007 and are considered one of the Top 10 College Football teams from the Associated Press for the current year.

Quarter Backs in the current Roster

Currently the team is the quarterback consist of Alexander Atiyeh, Codi Boek, Chris Crane, Dominic Davis, Chris Johnson, Nick LOURYE, John Lowell, and Justin Tuggle.

Current Releases

The Boston College Eagles yet to win a championship ACC; this season, the team is looking forward to clinch its first conference title in the ACC. For Eagles coach Jeff Jagodzinski and the players in this season so far is looking good for them. With an impressive record of 5 wins so far and only 1 loss during this current college football season, the team is optimistic about securing a slot in the conference slot and finally win the title as well. For the fans of the Boston College Eagles, the team each home game this season is certainly something to look forward to. And with the way things are at the moment for the Eagles, the next remaining games will be interesting to watch for those who would like to see how far and how successful it is in their dreams for the title.

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