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“It surely was a good game.” – quipped del Negro. This rather straight faced comment comes on the back of a close shave against the Knicks. Yes, the Bulls won their game against the Knicks 105-100, but wonder why del Negro is fuming? On analyzing the match after it got over, clearly del Negro did not mince words in saying that forward, Tyrus Thomas should not have sat out the match. Whatever were the reasons of Thomas sitting out, it clearly seemed not to impress del Negro. Not for one bit!
For starters, it must be said that del Negro believes in a high degree of work ethics and discipline. First, he is in charge of a young team and is in the process of getting a lot of players warmed up to the task. In such a scenario, he wishes players who know their roles to definitely be a part of the starting line-up. When that has to be compromised at times, del Negro does get furious. The incident involving Thomas being benched for the game against the Knicks surely got us the volcanic side of del Negro.

Del Negro believes that Thomas did not play not because of his skills, but because of his un-professional attitude. He believes when a team is trying to regroup and build itself as a strong team for the future, no inch should be given or taken. But with the latest actions of Thomas, del Negro believes that the professional work ethic of the team has been compromised. Obviously, del Negro is not one who would mince words, and after the match, said, “I can tolerate if someone performs poorly, if someone makes mistakes. But I cannot stand someone for lack of discipline.”

Del Negro had some good words for forward Joaquim Nokah. He, as per Del Negro, was seen working very hard on his game throughout the match. After not playing in the previous game against the Wizards, Joaquim had his share of blocks, rebounds, assists and scores. His performance during the game against the Knicks definitely won him the respect of del Negro. Coming from a hard taskmaster that he is, Joaquim definitely has set a benchmark for himself.

With the game over and the Bulls looking ahead to build an unassailable lead in the championship, the players from the Bulls squad need to gear up to the Del Negro style of working. Mistakes are acceptable here, but poor attitude is not. And players would definitely like to keep that in mind.

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