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10 weeks before, the Trail Blazers experienced a turn of bad news. And this time, it was off field. Assistant Coach, Maurice Lucas had to go away from one of the practice sessions, after he felt reportedly unwell. Initial reports suggested that he might have had a virus because of which he was feeling unwell. After some tests, the problem really seemed to have taken a turn for the worse.
Lucas was diagnosed suffering from bronchial pneumonia. In most such cases, you would find people have excruciating pain, which just stays with them for their whole life. For Lucas though, this pain affected a part, which he would have otherwise used in his daily routine regularly. And that is his back. Due to the pneumonia, his back mobility got severely hit and for some time, it is believed that he could not move an inch with his back.

Weeks of rehabilitation brought Lucas to some semblance of health. He was able to sit on a bench for some time. In weeks to come, he was able to sit comfortably for long periods of time on a bench. That surely is enough for a person to lead a life normally, at least to the extent of 50% of his routine. But Lucas apparently did the unthinkable! Before anyone could say, “Bronchial Pneumonia”, Lucas was back to the practice sessions.

This decision of Lucas surprised everyone including the management of the Trail Blazers. But only Lucas, a former star forward from the 77 class of Trail Blazers knows the passion for basketball well. Visit any of the practice sessions of the Trail Blazers and you would find a man sporting grey hair at it all the time. It could be a prime example of dedication and commitment, but to some, it borders on the outrageous.

Lucas himself admits the fact that he is not 100% fit for coaching now. He believes that coaching would require him to stand most of the time, something he is struggling with as of now. After the tough rehab exercises, Lucas is now looking to build strength to his back, just so to ensure he is back standing. This will allow him to execute his responsibilities of an Assistant Coach well. As of now, Lucas only coaches his team during home practice sessions. With time, and with the dedication that Lucas has for the game, people are sure it would only be a matter of time before which Lucas gets back to active coaching.

As it is said, “There is absolutely no force on mother earth that can keep me away from coaching.” – Lucas believes. Where you will be able to find Cheap Portland Trail Blazers Tickets from a online ticket broker that sells Cheap Portland Trail Blazers Tickets online.


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Minnesota Timberwolves surely have not done themselves a good turn by performing so poorly in the last 6-7 games. Successive defeats, some coming against opponents ranked lower than them, would surely have the Timberwolves management in a squander. Do we change the players? Do we change the playing combination? Do we recruit new talent? Or worse still, do we hire the old coach and hire a new one?
Anyone who saw the last game of Timberwolves against the Jazz from Utah would claim that there seems to be nothing wrong with the players. At the end of the day, they implement what they are told to do. It was surprising to see the Timberwolves getting into a defensive mindset in the game against Jazz at a time, when they should have gone all out in attack. And that, even for the ardent Timberwolves spectator, is something that cannot be digested at all.

One of the main reasons for that is because they have seen things like that, happen before. In many games before the one against the Jazz, the Timberwolves have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Clearly, this does not seem to be a skill issue. Maybe, the players get complacent too soon. Maybe, the players just do not wish to work a touch harder until the final whistle. Whatever be the reasons, the coach certainly does not seem to be doing anything about it.

It then became quite apparent that if anyone’s head was going to roll, it had to be that of Coach Wittman. His sack may not come as a surprise after all for people who have been following the fortunes of Timberwolves closely. Simply put, there is a lot to it than what appears to the naked eye. And if internal reports are to be believed, it seems that Wittman had some kind of a tiff with the management, when he was asked to explain his under-performance. There is no validation to this fact, and we might yet want to wait for some time before we get clarity on this issue.

Wittman gone – Does that mean the problems of Timberwolves find a solution for themselves? One thing is for sure – If players have to be believed in what they are saying, this could have been the best thing to happen. McHale seems to be the replacement for Wittman. Knowing McHale, he is a man of no-nonsense. He is one who definitely talks and acts tough.

The Timberwolves certainly are undergoing a transition period. With their coach gone, it remains to be seen what the new person at the helm of affairs would do for them. The conventionally defensive Timberwolves could possibly find a route to an aggressive team. And which could only be beneficial for Timberwolves. Where you can buy cheap Minnesota Timberwolves Tickets from a ticket broker online from this Cheap Minnesota Timberwolves Tickets online ticket broker.

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The match against Philadelphia 76ers saw quite a few records tumble. First and foremost, the Cavaliers were able to stream to their 10th consecutive win. The match against the 76ers saw LeBrown James in his true colors. This match saw James beating all what the 76ers defense had to throw at him, and scoring 29 points. Needless to say, the 29 points scored by Brown powered the Cavs to a 101-93 score line over the 76ers.
What really made the difference at the end was the performance of the Cavs in the third quarter. Until then things were on an even keel. The Cavs made a move ahead with James showing his shooting skills and by the time the whistle blew, the Cavs had built up a score line of 36-19 for the 3rd quarter. The demolition job of James was finally over when the Cavs outscored the 76ers by 8 points at the time the final whistle blew.

There were no upsets in any of the other games, but the one major result coming through was from the match up of Knicks versus Nets. The Nets who were expected to coast through the Knicks came up for some stiff resistance after Devon Harris early surge. At the end of the day, the Knicks were able to give back to Nets something they have been receiving regularly for the last 6 seasons – A thrashing!

But then, the boss of the hour undoubtedly is Lebrown James. This point guard has been making some news due to his exceptional ball play skills. In the game against the 76ers, James clocked up 29 points, something people feel was the sole reason behind the victory of the Cavs over 76ers. James, after this game, will definitely have swooned up the reputation of being a giant, killing who would take some doing for reputation.

There have been other noticeable performances from games being played elsewhere too. Al Harrington’s exploits against the Nets seems to be one of the many. Jason Kapono’s effort to hand the Raptors their first victory after five losses against Indiana Pacers has been spoken about for a while now. Manu Gibbili’s 27 point hit to spur the Hawks for a victory against Indiana Pacers, would be talked about for some more days to come.

But really, the man of the hour has to be LeBrown James. Each of his 29 games had the stamp or the authority of a player who would need some stopping. The 76ers threw everything they had at him, but with James in this kind of form, it was difficult to stop him. Where you can buy cheap Cleveland Cavaliers tickets at this ticket broker that sells Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets online.

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The relation between Detroit Pistons and wins is simple – Iverson scoring. If Iverson scores, chances are that the Pistons win. If he doesn’t, the Pistons have been found wanting. Ever since he joined the Detroit Pistons, he has been the guy the Pistons look up to. Whether it is crisis time or not, you know that with Iverson around, a solution is around the corner. For the last couple of seasons though, Iverson seems to be off-color, not necessarily in all the games, but definitely in some of them for sure.
Most of this confusion is because of his role in the field. At times, his skills have warranted him to play in the role of a point guard. At other times, coaches have asked him to play as a quarter back. In essence though, the world knows he is good at one thing – Scoring. He is a shooter par excellence and making him play any other position due to any reason is a folly. This truly has been one mistake of the Pistons’ management, something which they have realized.

Look at the statistics and it will tell you the picture. In all the games Iverson has played for the Pistons, the Pistons have won 4-1 when Iverson has scored anything more than 20. Anything between 11-20, and the team is at 3-3. Anything below 11 and the team goes down 0-4. Shock upsets against the Knicks and the Timberwolves, the latter coming at home is ample testimony to Iverson’s stamp on the Pistons.

There are two things that can be attributed to Iverson’s loss of form – 1) His team mates are just having some problems in hand to adjust to his game, 2) Iverson himself has a problem switching on with his team. Problem 1) may not find an easy solution, but knowing the caliber of Iverson, you would bet it is a matter of time he switches himself on to the needs of his team. This does not mean he needs to play away from the role of a shooter. Being a shooter, he could yet combine well with the pace and style of his team.

Iverson may have the skills and the knack of netting the ball, there is no doubt about that. But one thing the Pistons don’t have is time. Already some damage has been done to the Pistons’ claim on the trophy, which will take some doing for repairs. Love it or hate it, most of Pistons’ losses have been blamed on Iverson’s game, which is not always the correct thing to do.

But for a player of iconic stature like Allan Iverson, it is natural for fingers to be pointed if the team does not do well. Whatever though has happened, has happened. Time to look ahead! And looking ahead, it must be said that Allan Iverson must fire, sooner than later. You can purchase cheap Detroit Pistons tickets from this ticket broker that sells Cheap Detroit Pistons Tickets online.

Cheap Indiana Pacers Tickets

Well, what do you say when a team knowing that water is so deep still wishes to go to it completely unarmed. That’s exactly what has been happening with Indiana Pacers. Game after game, they have been handed a shellacking, at home and away. Yet, in spite of all these games, there really seems to be no improvement in their games at all. At least, looking at the way how the Pacers have played their game against the Pistons, it does not seem as if they have learnt their lessons at all.
The same mistakes keep repeating. It just is so irritating to watch the Pacers in their games. When time demands, their forward line buckles down under pressure, when in essence, there just does not seem to be no pressure at all. Their defense line gives away balls just too easily, and that in critical positions on the playing arena. These mistakes cannot happen due to the skills of the players, or the lack of it.

Experts who have watched the Pacers playing feel as if the players seem to be tired of the long ordeal. It just seems from their body language that they want to go back to their homes to spend their vacations. Very early in each of their games, the lack of energy seems too obvious to anyone who is seeing their games closely. This lack of energy is followed by a string of wrong moves. If they are playing up against a champion team, they get bombed badly. Even a team not ranked too high in the league is able to take advantage of the basic mistakes made by the Pacers.

Clearly, this means the Pacers are struggling to stay afloat. Something badly has to be done about them. And surely, the problem is not with the legs or the hands. This has to be a mental problem, which has to be overcome by working out ways by which the mind can be steadied. But at first, the Pacers need to believe that they too can compete. This is a raw basic belief, which any team participating in the league must have at all times. The moment this belief goes away from their ranks, the team performance charts tend to go south.

The problem with the Pacers is nobody knows where the injection would come for. The Pacers, for one, do not have an inspirational force like Iverson for the Pistons or James for the Cavaliers. These guys would win a game or two with their inspiring performances. Lacking that one guy with the killer spirit, it obviously remains to be seen how the Pacers come out of this rut. Indeed, they are drowning in a glass of water. You can buy Cheap Indiana Pacers Tickets online where you can purchase Cheap Indiana Pacers Tickets from this ticket broker.