Cheap Detroit Pistons Tickets

The relation between Detroit Pistons and wins is simple – Iverson scoring. If Iverson scores, chances are that the Pistons win. If he doesn’t, the Pistons have been found wanting. Ever since he joined the Detroit Pistons, he has been the guy the Pistons look up to. Whether it is crisis time or not, you know that with Iverson around, a solution is around the corner. For the last couple of seasons though, Iverson seems to be off-color, not necessarily in all the games, but definitely in some of them for sure.
Most of this confusion is because of his role in the field. At times, his skills have warranted him to play in the role of a point guard. At other times, coaches have asked him to play as a quarter back. In essence though, the world knows he is good at one thing – Scoring. He is a shooter par excellence and making him play any other position due to any reason is a folly. This truly has been one mistake of the Pistons’ management, something which they have realized.

Look at the statistics and it will tell you the picture. In all the games Iverson has played for the Pistons, the Pistons have won 4-1 when Iverson has scored anything more than 20. Anything between 11-20, and the team is at 3-3. Anything below 11 and the team goes down 0-4. Shock upsets against the Knicks and the Timberwolves, the latter coming at home is ample testimony to Iverson’s stamp on the Pistons.

There are two things that can be attributed to Iverson’s loss of form – 1) His team mates are just having some problems in hand to adjust to his game, 2) Iverson himself has a problem switching on with his team. Problem 1) may not find an easy solution, but knowing the caliber of Iverson, you would bet it is a matter of time he switches himself on to the needs of his team. This does not mean he needs to play away from the role of a shooter. Being a shooter, he could yet combine well with the pace and style of his team.

Iverson may have the skills and the knack of netting the ball, there is no doubt about that. But one thing the Pistons don’t have is time. Already some damage has been done to the Pistons’ claim on the trophy, which will take some doing for repairs. Love it or hate it, most of Pistons’ losses have been blamed on Iverson’s game, which is not always the correct thing to do.

But for a player of iconic stature like Allan Iverson, it is natural for fingers to be pointed if the team does not do well. Whatever though has happened, has happened. Time to look ahead! And looking ahead, it must be said that Allan Iverson must fire, sooner than later. You can purchase cheap Detroit Pistons tickets from this ticket broker that sells Cheap Detroit Pistons Tickets online.


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