Cheap Portland Trail Blazers Tickets

10 weeks before, the Trail Blazers experienced a turn of bad news. And this time, it was off field. Assistant Coach, Maurice Lucas had to go away from one of the practice sessions, after he felt reportedly unwell. Initial reports suggested that he might have had a virus because of which he was feeling unwell. After some tests, the problem really seemed to have taken a turn for the worse.
Lucas was diagnosed suffering from bronchial pneumonia. In most such cases, you would find people have excruciating pain, which just stays with them for their whole life. For Lucas though, this pain affected a part, which he would have otherwise used in his daily routine regularly. And that is his back. Due to the pneumonia, his back mobility got severely hit and for some time, it is believed that he could not move an inch with his back.

Weeks of rehabilitation brought Lucas to some semblance of health. He was able to sit on a bench for some time. In weeks to come, he was able to sit comfortably for long periods of time on a bench. That surely is enough for a person to lead a life normally, at least to the extent of 50% of his routine. But Lucas apparently did the unthinkable! Before anyone could say, “Bronchial Pneumonia”, Lucas was back to the practice sessions.

This decision of Lucas surprised everyone including the management of the Trail Blazers. But only Lucas, a former star forward from the 77 class of Trail Blazers knows the passion for basketball well. Visit any of the practice sessions of the Trail Blazers and you would find a man sporting grey hair at it all the time. It could be a prime example of dedication and commitment, but to some, it borders on the outrageous.

Lucas himself admits the fact that he is not 100% fit for coaching now. He believes that coaching would require him to stand most of the time, something he is struggling with as of now. After the tough rehab exercises, Lucas is now looking to build strength to his back, just so to ensure he is back standing. This will allow him to execute his responsibilities of an Assistant Coach well. As of now, Lucas only coaches his team during home practice sessions. With time, and with the dedication that Lucas has for the game, people are sure it would only be a matter of time before which Lucas gets back to active coaching.

As it is said, “There is absolutely no force on mother earth that can keep me away from coaching.” – Lucas believes. Where you will be able to find Cheap Portland Trail Blazers Tickets from a online ticket broker that sells Cheap Portland Trail Blazers Tickets online.


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